Top 100 Boys’ Names of 2013…so far

Top 100 Boys’ Names of 2013…so far

By Pamela Redmond Satran

George vaulted halfway up our boys’ popularity list for 2013, thanks to the naming of the little British Prince George Alexander Louis.  George went from Number 92 for the first half of the year all the way up to Number 56 at the year’s three-quarter mark.

At the same point last year, George did not even rank in the Top 100.

The other boys’ name in the news making a strong showing on our list is Kieran, which attracted some controversy after it was chosen for the newly-adopted African-American grandson of Mitt Romney. The Irish Kieran means “little dark one.”

But most names make our popularity list thanks to the interest of parents considering them for their babies. The list tallies which boys’ names attracted the most views among the 14 million visits to our name pages for the first nine months of 2013.

Asher, Finn, and Declan hang onto the first three spots they claimed at the year’s six-month mark. Names climbing on the boys’ list, which are marked with an asterisk, include Atticus, Emmett, and Hudson.

Nameberry’s Top 100 Boys’ Names of 2013, so far, are:

[column1]1. Asher2. Finn3. Declan4. Atticus*5. James6. Oliver7. Henry8. Emmett*9. Owen10. Django11. Jude12. Milo13. Jasper14. Ezra15. Flynn16. Liam17. Levi18. Felix19. Leo20. Miles21. Silas22. Sebastian23. Hudson*24. Aiden25. Noah26. August27. Kieran*28. Jack29. Ethan30. William31. Everett32. Jayden33. Nico34. Theodore35. Christian36. Benjamin37. Alexander38. Dashiell39. Dylan40. Wyatt41. Beckett42. Caleb43. Eli44. Jacob45. Julian46. Isaac47. Luke48. Bodhi49. Theo50. Arlo[/column1][column2]51. Gabriel52. Zachary53. Oscar54. Andrew55. Micah56. George*57. Thomas58. Arthur59. Hugo60. Max61. Nathaniel62. Soren63. Elijah64. Rhys65. Logan66. Mason67. Samuel68. Lucas69. Tristan70. Josiah71. Callum72. John73. Spencer74. Zane75. Michael76. Ryder77. Jonah78. Jackson79. Simon80. Charles81. Archer82. Xavier83. Roman84. Daniel85. Elias86. Grayson87. Evan88. Gray89. Ryan90. Nolan91. Harrison92. Nicholas93. Edward94. Cole95. Gideon96. David97. Nathan98. Stellan99. Beau100. Tobias[/column2]

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