Most Popular Girls’ Names of 2013….so far

Most Popular Girls’ Names of 2013….so far

Imogen widened her lead over Charlotte as the most popular girls’ name on Nameberry for the first nine months of the year.  Imogen edged past Charlotte to claim the Number 1 spot for the first time at the 2013 half year mark, leading by fewer than 500 names out of a cumulative 50,000 page views.

But now Imogen is leading by nearly 10,000 page views of over 100,000 for the two names, leaving longtime favorite Charlotte in a distant second.  Third place Harper trails by fewer than 1000 views.

Though popular in Britain, Imogen has never made the U.S. Top 1000. In 2012, it was given to only 111 baby girls in the U.S., the same number as were named Love and Laken, though its popularity on Nameberry indicates it could squeak onto the Top 1000 for 2013 or 2014.

Nameberry measures the most-viewed names among the nearly 50,000 choices on our site.

Maisie is the name that has moved the most number of places up the girls’ chart this quarter, at 19.  Names that start with vowels continue to be strong for girls, with half of the dozen names moving fastest up our charts starting with vowels: Amelia, Evelyn, Evangeline, Ivy, Everly, and Ada.  Names making significant shifts upward are marked with an asterisk.

The Top 100 girls’ names on Nameberry so far this year are:

[column1]1. Imogen2. Charlotte3. Harper4. Eleanor5. Amelia*6. Evelyn*7. Isla8. Violet9. Penelope10. Cora*11. Seraphina12. Maeve13. Katniss14. Olivia15. Ava16. Alice17. Adelaide18. Evangeline*19. Claire*20. Elizabeth21. Aurora22. Eliza23. Sophia24. Hazel25. Willa*26. Grace27. Emma28. Clementine29. Nora30. Maisie* (up 19 places)31. Elodie32. Ivy*33. Merida34. Wren35. Beatrice36. Adeline37. Clara38. Rose39. Eloise40. Mila41. Aurelia42. Isabella43. Matilda44. Genevieve*45. Lila46. Lucy47. Aria48. Caroline49. Josephine50. Scarlett[/column1][column2]51. Audrey52. Everly*53. Ruby54. Iris55. Arabella56. Poppy57. Emily58. Harlow59. Mae60. Mia61. Emmeline62. Chloe63. Margaret64. Ella65. Lydia66. Stella67. Lily68. Jane69. Hadley70. Piper71. Luna72. Juliet73. Sadie74. Phoebe75. Frances76. Esme77. Anna78. Willow79. Kinsley80. Gemma81. Hannah82. Olive83. Vivian84. Cecilia85. Ada*86. Abigail87. Ellie88. Delilah89. Cordelia90. Georgia91. Madeline92. Maya93. Beatrix94. Zoe95. Anais96. Lola*97. Louisa98. Mabel99. Zara100. Pearl[/column2]

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