The Latest Biblical Boys, from Asher to Tobias

August 20, 2015 Linda Rosenkrantz

Yes, Noah is Number 1 in popularity and Jacob and Benjamin and Samuel are right up there too, but there’s a whole generation of new biblical boys—all as old as Methuselah—who are in line to challenge them. Some of them, like Amos and Abel, are usably familiar, while others—Hezekiah, anyone?—were considered too clunky in the recent past. Here are 12 Old Testament boy names that are moving up the popularity ladder.


The second son of Adam and Eve, Abel is now at the highest point it’s ever been—Number 164, up 16 places this year and continuing to rise. In addition to its biblical cred, Abel has that other appealing can-do meaning. Amy Poehler and Will Arnett have a son named Abel.


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