Step-Sibling Sibsets: Starbaby predictions


by Sophie Kihm

Sibsets with half-siblings can be tricky. Often there is the desire to create a completely cohesive sibset. But new partners can introduce new tastes and preferences for baby names, so a harmonious posse isn’t always possible.

When it does work out though, it is incredibly satisfying. Stanley Tucci has done a fantastic job blending the name his youngest child (with wife Felicity Blunt) with the names of the children from his first marriage. This is especially impressive considering there is a twelve-year age gap between the two youngest. He and Felicity are set to welcome another little one later this year, and I can’t wait to hear his or her name.

Many other celebrities this month have to deal with this half-sibling sibset conundrum. Kate Hudson is going to be naming a half-sister to Ryder and Bingham, Tyrese Gibson’s wife Samantha is expecting a baby girl who will be a half-sister to Shayla, and Cardi B. will be adding a half-sibling to Offset’s brood of Jordan, Kody, and Kalea.

Whether or not these stars choose to create cohesive sibsets for half-siblings doesn’t really matter (there are no official rules when it comes to baby naming, at least, not in the US). The most important thing is that they choose names they are excited about. So if that means that Stanley Tucci goes rogue and names his baby Caiomhe, or Cardi B. picks something totally off base from Jordan, Kody, and Kalea, then I’m cool with it.

Felicity Blunt and Stanley Tucci

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Nicolo Robert, Isabel Concetta, Camilla (previous relationship), Matteo Oliver

When naming his children, Stanley Tucci has wholeheartedly embraced his Italian heritage. All four of his kids have Italian (or Italian adjacent, a la Isabel) names that work perfectly in an American context. His youngest son was given the very haute name Matteo, so I think for this next baby we will see something similarly en vogue (or, I should say, alla moda).

Girl: Alessia, Allegra, Bianca, Emilia, Fabiana, Lucia, Luna, Viola

Boy: Elio, Enzo, Leandro, Luca, Samuele, Sandro, Santino, Silvio

*Update* A little girl (and correct prediction)—welcome, Emilia Giovanna!

Erin Burnett and David Rubulotta

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Nyle Thomas Burnett, Colby Isabelle

With children named Nyle and Colby, CNN anchor Erin Burnett seems to have a penchant for familiar-but-unusual names with a hint of androgyny. Luckily for her, there is no shortage of options for baby number three’s name. For a girl, I am crossing my fingers for Darcy—a drastically underused name that is super sweet (and how cute is it paired with Colby for a sister-set?). If the baby is a boy, my vote is for Teague. Like Darcy, it doesn’t break the top T000, but Teague has a modern sound and is ripe for discovery.

Girl: Blair, Bree, Bryn, Darcy, Fifer, Harper, James, Logan, Neve, Rory, Tierney

Boy: Alistair, Brogan, Cian, Errol, Fintan, Gregor, Jett, Lachlan, Quinlan, Teague

*Update* A boy—Owen Thomas!

Cat Deeley and Patrick Kielty

Gender: unknown

Sibling: Milo

British ex-pats Cat Deeley and Patrick Kielty chose the name Milo for their son—a fashionable choice in both their native and adoptive homes. I’d love to see them choose something that’s hasn’t hit the American mainstream for their second baby—something like Elodie or Kit, perhaps—but I have a feeling they’ll go with a name that is both well-liked and well-used in both the US and the UK, just as they did with Milo.

Girl: Annika, Edie, Elodie, Esme, Flora, Freya, Marnie, Matilda, Olive, Poppy, Wren

Boy: Asher, Axel, Eli, Felix, Frankie, Jasper, Kit, Leon, Oskar, Otto, Remy, Rex, Rhys

*Update* Another boy—

James Patrick!

Samantha and Tyrese Gibson

Gender: girl

Sibling: Shayla Somer (previous relationship)

Although the name Shayla has almost fallen out of the Top 1000, back when Tyrese Gibson gave it to his daughter ten years ago, it was still well-used. I expect he and wife Samantha will choose something a little bit more modern for their new baby daughter—there are plenty of contemporary choices that work well with half-sister Shayla‘s name.

Girl: Ashlyn, Chiara, Keeley, Kenzie, Laney, Nola, Olivia, Rylee, Savannah, Sierra

*Update* Baby girl is Soraya Lee!

Kate Hudson and Danny Fujikawa

Gender: girl

Siblings: Ryder Russell and Bingham Hawn (previous relationships)

Kate Hudson‘s boys have names bursting with family significance. Ryder‘s middle name honors her stepdad Kurt Russell, Bingham is named after Kurt‘s father (who was called Bing), and Hawn is Kate‘s mother’s surname. It’s pretty certain that there will be an honor name somewhere in her baby girl’s name—the question is what that name will be. I’d love to see Kate and Danny use a name that means “gold” to honor Kate‘s mom Goldie. But considering that each of her kids have alliterative names (Ryder Robinson and Bingham Bellamy), it could be fun to find an F name for baby Fujikawa.

Girl: Aurelia, Fable, Fia, Fleur, Fuchsia, Koko, Mika, Suki, Xanthe

*Update* Hello, Rani Rose!

Cardi B and Offset

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Jordan, Kody, Kalea Marie (previous relationships)

Cardi B and Offset (given names: Belcalis and Kiari Kendrell) are expecting their first child together! Offset already has three kids–his sons are named Jordan and Kody, which have a definite ’90s vibe to them. However, his daughter is named Kalea, a beautiful Hawaiian name that feels fresh in this era of Leilani and the like. But Cardi B has Dominican and Trinidadian ancestry, so it’s possible we’ll see a name with Hispanic roots. I’m curious to see how she will influence this sibset—will Cardi’s baby’s name match up with Offset’s other children’s, or be totally incongruent?

Girl: Angeles, Bonita, Carissa, Dominica, India, Kallista, Kiara, Sabrina, Solana

Boy: Baez, Bronx, Chase, Dylan, Justus, Kade, Quinn, Tevin, Tigre, Tristan

*Update* It’s a girl—Kulture Kiari!

Arielle Goldrath and Kevin McKidd

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Joseph, Iona (previous relationship)

Scottish actor Kevin McKidd chose Iona for his daughter back in the early aughts–a Scottish name that remains undiscovered in the US. Considering that there will be a fifteen-year age difference between his two youngest children, I would love for him and wife Arielle Goldrath to use another Scottish name to cohere the sibset (and as a nod to Dad’s roots).

Girl: Bonnie, Blair, Eilidh, Greer, Isobel, Lileas, Maisie, Nessa, Tamsin, Vaila

Boy: Alistair, Callum, Dashiell, Graham, Ian, Keir, Lachlan, Malcolm, Ross

*Update* It’s a boy—Aiden!

Christine Lakin and Brandon Breault

Gender: boy

Sibling: Georgia James

‘90s sitcom star Christine Lakin named her daughter Georgia after her home state. Now she and husband Brandon Breault are expecting a baby boy—I think a Southern gentlemanly name might be the perfect thing to pair with Georgia, and would definitely match this couple’s style.

Boy: August, Beau, Brooks, Clayton, Dean, Heath, Tucker, Walker, Wyatt

*Update* Welcome, Baylor B.!


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