October Baby Names: Octavia, Opal and Kit

October 3, 2019 Sophie Kihm

by Sophie Kihm

 October baby names offer something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a subtle connection to your child’s birth month or a name that screams Halloween and Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

Here, some inspiration for your October baby.

October Baby Names: birthstone and flower

October’s birthstone is the opal—a white, iridescent gemstone and hot up-and-coming baby name. It reentered the Top 1000 in 2017 after an over fifty-year hiatus and is riding the wave of the gemstone name trend. Even though it only ranks at #820 now, with Opal’s vintage charm and gem associations, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes mainstream.

The Calendula is the flower that represents October, although it’s better known as the Marigold (which also makes an easier baby name). It hasn’t cracked the Top 1000, but we’ve been hearing of more and more little Marigolds lately. Elsie Larson recently used it for her daughter and calls her Goldie. Other marigold-related names to consider: Maravilla—the Spanish word for Marigold, and Neven and Nevena—Croatian and Slavic terms for the flower.

October Baby Names: Honor and Zodiac names

If you care more for honor names, there are plenty of high-profile people born in October with interesting names:

Actors Viggo Mortensen, Joaquin Phoenix, and Saffron Burrows were all born in October. Saffron would be especially fitting for an October baby, as the yellow hue feels very autumnal. Historical figures born in October that would be worthy namesakes include Norwegian adventurer Thor Heyerdahl, activist and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, and poet Sylvia Plath. You may also be inspired by surnames of celebrated October babies, such as American artist Frederic Remington, musician John Lennon, and early film comedy icon Buster Keaton.

October gets its name from octo, the Latin root meaning “eight,” as it was the eighth month in the Roman calendar. Names that share this origin include Octavia, Octavian, Octavio, Octavius, Ottavia, and Ottavio. If you prefer a subtler connection to the number eight, you might consider Theta, the eighth letter of the Greek alphabet, or Valo, which means eight in the Malagasy language.

Of course, October is the tenth month of our modern calendar, so names meaning “ten” or “tenth” are also very appropriate. Among the options are Latin names Decima, Decimus, and Decio, and country-cute Dixie.

Most October babies are Libras—the star sign that’s all about balance and harmony. Interpret that as you will, but some names with harmonious meanings are Alaina, Concordia, and naturally, Harmony. Libra baby names that are in the Nameberry Top 150 include Daisy, Rosalie, Sebastian, Theodora, and Wren. We also like Clement, Guinevere, and Lilac.

October Baby Names: Holiday names

You can also take name inspiration from the plethora of holidays in October:

October 11th is National Kimberly Day. Kimberly is actually more popular than you might think—it currently ranks at #170. Despite that, it feels like a Mom Name—Kimberly peaked at #2 in 1966 and 1967. It would definitely be fun for an October 11th baby, but you may want to consider a more modern alternative, like Kimber or Kinsley.

National Apple Day is October 21st. There are many varieties of apples that would make great baby names—Crispin, Harvey, Ida, Jubilee, Palmer, and Sutton are some—but also names that mean apple, like Pomeline, Melora, and Avalon. Of course, you could pull a Gwyneth Paltrow and just go straight for Apple, which we will admit has some appeal.

October is National Dessert Month in the US, so a sweet name could be perfect for an October baby. Some subtle options include Anoush, Charlotte, Dulcie, Madeleine, and Nemy.

And speaking of saccharine names, a candy-inspired name would be very appropriate for a baby born around Halloween. Heath, Kit, Reese, Ruth, and York are among the best options in this category.

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