New Year’s Names: Finding a New Year’s namesake

If you’re shopping for a New Year’s baby name, there are several routes you could take. You might choose January, à la Ms. Jones or Eve à la New Year’s. Or you could pick a name whose meaning celebrates the hope brought by a new year, like Nadia or Esperanza—or Hope. Or one that suggests the dawn of a new year, such as Aurora or Oriana—or Dawn. But you could also go down the namesake path, paying tribute to a notable bearer of a name who entered the world on New Year’s Eve or Day.  Here, eleven worth namesakes born on December 31 or January 1.


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Whether or not Betsy Ross really did make the first American flag is up to question, but the myth lives on—and at the very least she made tents and repaired uniforms for the Continental Army. Her Elizabethan nickname has given way to more modern sounding ones, but Betsy retains a certain retro freckle-faced, wide-eyed energy, along with others like Patsy and Polly.

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