Names Meaning Peace: From Axel to Zuelia

Names Meaning Peace: From Axel to Zuelia

Names meaning peace are the perfect way of commemorating Peace Day.

In 1981, a United Nations resolution was passed creating an International Day of Peace—aka Peace Day—on September 21st, devoted to encouraging efforts for worldwide peace.  Well, obviously, we’ve got a long way to go on the global front, but as our own small baby step towards the effort is to offer some names that connote peacefulness, calm and serenity.

There are many other international variations of some of the key ‘peace’ names—Shalom and Solomon, Irene, Godfrey, Frederick—in addition to the ones below, as well names reflecting the symbols of peace, the dove and the olive branch.  Here are some of the most usable of the names meaning peace.


AmaniSwahili, peace

BarisTurkish, peace

ColumbaLatin, dove, symbol of peace

ConcordiaLatin, peace—Roman goddess of peace

Dove—English, symbol of peace

EirNorse, peacefulness

FaricaTeutonic, chief of peace

Freda, Frida, FriedaGerman, peaceful, serene

FredericaGerman, peaceful ruler

Inga—Norse—Goddess of peace and love

Irene, EireneGreek, messenger of God—Greek goddess of peace

IriniRomanian, peace

JemimaHebrew, dove, emblem of peace

KazukoJapanese, peaceful child

Mal, Maluhia—Hawaiian, peace

Olive, Oliviathe olive branch is a symbol of peace

PacificaSpanish, peaceful

Paloma—Spanish, dove, symbol of peace

PazSpanish, peace

PlacidaSpanish, peaceful

SalamaSwahili, peace

SalomeHebrew, peace (from Solomon)

Selima—Arabic, peace

SerenaLatin—peaceful, serene


ShalomHebrew, peace

Shanta—Hindi, peaceful, calm

ShilohHebrew, place of peace, tranquility

ShulamitHebrew, peaceful

Tullia, Irish, peaceful

WinifredGerman, peaceful friend

ZueliaArabic, peace

ZulemaArabic, peace



AbsalomHebrew, father of peace

Axel—Danish, German, father of peace (a form of Absalom)

CalumCeltic—dove, symbol of peace

CasimirSlavic, peaceful leader

ColmCeltic, dove, symbol of peace

FrederickGerman, peaceful ruler

Geoffreypledge of peace, God’s peace

GodfreyEnglish, peace of God

Halim–Arabic, peaceful, gentle

HumphreyGerman, peaceful warrior

JonahHebrew, dove, symbol of peace

KynastonEnglish, royal peace settlement

ManfredGerman, man of peace

MiloGerman, peaceful, mild (among other possible meanings)

OliverLatin, the olive branch is the symbol of peace

PacianoLatin, peaceful

PaxLatin, peace—Roman god of peace

PaxtonLatin, peaceful village

PazSpanish, peace

PlacidoSpanish, peaceful

SalamonHungarian, peace (version of Solomon)

SalemHebrew, peace (related to Shalom and Solomon)

ShalomHebrew, peaceful

Sheehan—Celtic, peaceful

ShilohHebrew, place of peace

ShlomoHebrew, peace

SiegfriedGerman, peaceful victory

SolomonHebrew, peaceful

Wilfred—English, hopeful of peace

ZalmanYiddish—peace, form of Solomon

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