Nameberry Picks: The 12 Best X Names

Names that contain an x — at the end, in the middle, and even at the beginning — have been climbing in fashionability since Angelina Jolie named her oldest son Maddox around the same time Max morphed from old man to cool kid name. Now, all the JoliePitt boys have names that end with x, and sister Shiloh is said to be campaigning for an x name of her own. And other x choices are rising up the ranks too. Some of these are obscure names that include the letter x; others, like Jaxon, come by their x by design. Our favorite x name choices include both the classic and the new.


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The ancient name Alexander has a wide range of attractive and fashionable variations -- from Alexa to Alexandra to Alessandro to Alix -- but none quite so great as Alexander itself. Famous namesakes include sculptor Alexander Calder.

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