Nameberry Picks: 12 neglected boys’ classics

There are the eternal boys’ classics that never leave the higher echelons of popularity—names like John, James, William and Daniel.

But then there are those boys’ names that move in and out of style, names that can appear timeless in one period and then seem tired and fusty in another. These names, once at the top of their class, are now nearer the bottom—in one case having slipped away completely.

Yesterday we looked at forgotten girls’ classics. Today we bring you a dozen classic boys’ names that have fallen off the radar but deserve a fresh look.


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While the Twilight franchise has helped make Edward into a super-trendy classic, the equally historic Edmund, off the list since 1997, would make a much more distinctive choice. It’s Jane Austen-approved: in Mansfield Park, she writes, “There is nobleness in the name of Edmund.” A heroic namesake is Sir Edmund Hillary, scaler of Mr. Everest. You could also consider the appealing Irish form: Eamon. (ill: Edmund Hillary)

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