May Babyberry Names Are Full of Fun!

May Babyberry Names Are Full of Fun!

The beautiful baby names announced by Nameberry members in May are light, bright and full of fun!

Ten girls and two boys joined the Berry family this past month. Sweet, summery nature names like Holiday, Birdie, Flora and Bee were a big theme for girls, in celebration of the sunny season just around the corner.

And we love seeing the fun nicknames our parents are using alongside the full birth certificate form. (Two names for the price of one, what’s not to love?!) Highlights from our May birth announcements include Posey, Tully, Fin and Nim also known as Niminy Cricket!

Here are all the brilliant baby names announced by Nameberry members in May.

Girl Names

Alice Leonora

“After a morning-of discussion regarding the spelling, we settled on the traditional version of Alice rather than Alys.”

Birdie Bee, sister to Layla Blue, Elliott May, Zelda Louise, Benjamin Walker and George Wilder

“Birdie is my die-hard favorite so I let him take the reins on the middle. Bee is to honor his mother, Deborah.”

Emma Juliette

“This announcement is a few months belated, but I wanted to post anyway because this forum helped me so much when deciding on a name! Thank you!”

Flora Annabel, sister to Tessa Eloise and Charles Nicholas

Flora feels like a perfect springtime choice that symbolizes hope, new growth, and beauty after a difficult year, while Annabel honours the many wonderful Ann/es and Annas in our lives.”

Florence Matilda “Posey”, sister to Walter and Edmund

Matilda was chosen in part to continue our literary theme, and in part for my husband’s love of sport. Florence was chosen in part for the meaning, and what we hope and pray for her life to be, and also for my love of art and art history.”

Holiday Jane “Holly”

“We are so in love with her and her name!”

India Willow Anneliese

India was chosen for a few reasons; my husband is of Anglo-Indian heritage and it seemed a beautiful nod to his roots. It also holds literary significance to me; when I was 11 or 12 I read a book where the protagonist was a fierce but gentle feminist named India. Sadly our India has been diagnosed with a congenital heart defect, but we are sure she will also be fierce and strong too!”

Mila Anya Elizaveta

“Being the last baby, I felt so much pressure to name her. I came to you multiple times and am so grateful to everyone who took the time to talk me through it all. Now that she’s here, I feel her name is perfect for her and there is nothing I would change.”

Nimue Fern Lunaria

“Nimue was the first name that all three of us agreed on. The name comes from Arthurian legend, in which Nimue was an enchantress, a priestess of Avalon, the Lady of the Lake who bestowed the mythical sword Excalibur. In many versions, she was Merlin’s apprentice, and in some, his lover. She is one of the few canonical female druids, and is said to have had Fey blood.”

Tallulah Joan

“Her name ended up being a no-brainer – Tallulah had always been at the top of my list, and my husband and I both have grandmas named Joan. When mine passed away in late January, we made our decision official. So far we haven’t started using a nickname, but friends and family have been calling her Tully.”

Boy Names

Casper Owen, brother to Robyn Joanne

“We were having trouble tying together my preference for well known but not overused soft-ish sounding names, and my partner’s preference for pretty standard names that were common from when we went through school. We like that Casper is a well-known name but not currently common where we live and not common when we were growing up either.”

Griffin Joseph, brother to Hadley Claire and Beckett Thomas

“When we met him he just did not feel like a Rowan at all so after going through our lists again we had two contenders, Griffin and Wilder. We let our older kids make the final decision and they both thought their baby brother was a Griffin!”

Congratulations to all the proud new parents!

If you’d like your child’s name to be featured in our next Babyberry blog post, tell us the name you chose and the story behind it over on our birth announcements forum. We love hearing from you!

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