March Names: From Lion to Lamb

March Names: From Lion to Lamb

March is here and, depending on where you live, it has probably come in like a lion.  But hopefully will go out like a lamb.

So, if you’re expecting a March baby, how about considering a leonine or ovine choice.

There are dozens of lion-related names, including these that are the most obvious:

Leo—the most lionesque of all, rising in popularity since Leonardo Di Caprio’s nickname became universally used.

Leon—the top name in Germany, and slowly making a return here; a Brangelina offspring middle name

Leonahas recently been rejuvinated via singer Leona Lewis.

Leonard—still stuck in Grandparental mode

Leonardo—one of the hottest of the romantic Latin names, with cultural references from DaVinci to Di Caprio; chosen by megastar couple Penelope Cruz & Javier Barden

Léonie—sleek Gallic female version, recently picked by Monica Bellucci & Vincent Cassel

Leonora—mellifluous Italianate name that appears as a major character in not one but three opera.  Lenore is a streamlined version.

Leontyne—even more operatic than Leonora, via association with diva Leontyne Price.

Some other lion-related girls’ names:

Ariel—meaning “lion of God, with ties to both Shakespeare and Disney; also Arielle and Ariella



And some more for boys:

Arithe short form of Ariel, which is unisex in Israel

Leander—Greek mythological name that could make an interesting alternative to Alexander; Leandro is the Italian, Portuguese and Spanish form

Lev Short, strong Hebrew and Russian name meaning “lion,” used by Candace Cameron for her son

LionelFrench for ‘little lion’; an Arthurian Knight of the Round Table

Llewellyn—Commonly heard in its native Wales, where short-form Llew is used independently

Simba—Swahili name meaning lion (and adapted by Disney)

Plus some others related to lion characters, real and fictional, such as Nala, Elsa, and Aslan.

There are far fewer names related to the gentler lamb:

AgnesThough it means “pure,” Agnes was influenced by the Latin word for lamb, agnus.

NessaPet form of Agnes

Oonagh, Oona, UnaIrish name meaning lamb

RachelHebrew name meaning ‘ewe’

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