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It’s close to midnight  after noon, the end middle of Day 2 3 or maybe we can call this Day 3 4 of the Kim and Kanye Baby Name Watch.  You know they’re not going to announce the name tonight right this minute, because most sane journalists are already asleep out to lunch.

We’ll find out the name of the newborn daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in the morning by tomorrow, according to “informed sources.”  But it’s said to start with the traditional Kardashian K.

In case you’ve been living on Jupiter for the past decade, the Kardashian family is famous partly because they all — or almost all — have names that start with the letter K: Mom Kris, daughters Kim and Khloe and Kourtney and Kendall and Kylie.  They even marry men whose names start with K: Kim was married to basketball player Kris Humphries and is now with Kanye.

Elisabeth Wilborn over at You Can’t Call It It thinks the newborn baby’s name might be Klementine Star, based on the fact that the domains and had been registered.    Other sources are saying the name will be Kai Georgia Donda.

Donald Trump Jr. has a daughter named Kai, while Ethan Hawke has a little Clementine. Here’s a list of all the recent celebrity baby names that start with K, from Brad and Angelina‘s Knox to Kevin JamesKannon, Gwen Stefani‘s Kingston to Padma Lakshmi‘s Krishna.

It’s possible, of course, that Kim and Kanye have not decided on the name yet and the new parents are still debating their options.  In that case, we have some ideas for them:

Kadence, Kalliope or Kalypso — Musical theme!  Three rhythmic names that nod to Daddy’s profession.

Kadonda — Okay, we made this one up, but we kinda like it!  It combines the K beginning with Kanye‘s mother’s name Donda.  You could also go Kadashia, Dasha for short — cute, right?

Kalindi – This musical Hindi name means “sun” and refers to one of the sacred rivers of India.  Kalinda is another variation.

Kasiani — This intriguing Greek saint’s name has a musical theme: The Hymn of Kasiani is traditionally sung on Easter week and is associated with (ahem) fallen women.

Kassia — Purists that we are, we might have preferred to spell this cinnamon-scented name Cassia, but we love either version.  The female variation on the ancient Roman Cassius or the saint’s name Cassian.

Kelilah — A Hebrew name that means crown and is a great substitute for the trendier Delilah.

Keziah – The name of one of the three daughters of the biblical JobKeziah is a lovely name.  Her sister Keturah is beautiful too.

Kinga — As King is a popular name for starbaby boys, why not Kinga for a girl?  There is a legendary Polish princess Kinga.

Kirrily — The stylish Australian name sounds both cheery and exotic here.

Krista — With Kanye‘s new album called Yeezus, this choice makes sense — though Kim‘s better divorce from Kris probably trumps an honorific for her mom.

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