Irish Names: Hot off the press

December 6, 2010 Linda Rosenkrantz

Every now and then we like to take a look at the most recent  British and Irish newspaper birth announcements, to see what parents in those countries are naming their babies at this particular moment in time. 

What we see right now in Ireland is a mix of old and revived Gaelic/Celtic names, classic Anglo names, nickname names similar to those popular in the UK, and more internationally trendy modern names.

The most widely used recorded Emerald Isle favorites of the last two months include Alice, Florence, Grace, Lily and Molly for girls; Henry, Hugo, Liam and Oscar for boys, as well as several varieties of Fin-starting  names. ( One trivia note—if you’re surprised by the unusual geographical middle name Abyssinia, you should know that little Luke was actually born in Ethiopia.)

And if you need some pronunciation help for one of the Gaelic names, you can hear the way many of these actually sound as recorded by the late Irish writer Frank McCourt on the website babynamesof

Here are some of the most interesting examples, with sibling names in parentheses.






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