How I Named My Baby: Georgie Rose

How I Named My Baby: Georgie Rose

Alison Piepmeyer, Chief Marketing Officer of Color Factory, and Zach Piepmeyer, cofounder of Magical, live in Brooklyn, New York with their two children: Linus Tyler and Georgie Rose.

Their daughter Georgie was born on January 8, 2022. Below, we talk with Alison about how she and Zach named their little girl.

Tell me Georgie’s name story!

Girl names were really hard because there are so many options. You can go very delicate and feminine, but I’ve always been drawn to things that are more poppy and fun. When we found out we were having a girl, I spent a lot of time looking at name lists for England and Australia. They are more playful with their names!

I kept coming back to Georgia and Georgie. I work in art and my favorite artist is Georgia O'Keeffe, but we chose Georgie because it's more playful and punchy. The stuffed animal I slept with every night as a child was Curious George, and I called him Georgie. That name always had happy and safe feelings for me.

It was also really important that the names went well together. I have a friend who told me that when you are looking for the name of a second child, think of the pairing as “The Adventures of ______ and ______.” When we said, “The Adventures of Linus and Georgie,” it had a nice ring to it.

Did you consider any other names?

For a long time, we were thinking of the name Sunday. I love Sunday but we really wanted her middle name to be Rose — it's a family name and my middle name as well. Sunday Rose is the name of Nicole Kidman’s daughter. I didn’t want to give my daughter the same name, so Sunday just fell by the wayside.

I also love Piper and Poppy, but Piper Piepmeyer and Poppy Piepmeyer felt too much like cartoon characters.

How do you feel about your own name, and how did it influence your choice?

Alison wasn’t too common growing up — I felt like Jessica was the most common name — but there were a few Alisons in my high school. It is a fairly easy name for people to say and my spelling is very common, so I haven’t had issues.

My younger brother is named Arden, which I always thought was fun but he has mixed feelings about it. He likes that it’s unique but no one ever knows how to say it, especially since he’s a man. That was on the top of my mind when we were choosing names for our kids.

I looked for names that are easy for people to pronounce but aren’t very common. I want my kids to be the only ones in their class with their names, but hope that someone can instantly look at their names and know how to say them.

What are the trendy names in your social circle?

Everyone wants names that are different and unique. But there are a lot of kids named Leo, Fern, and Luca in our neighborhood. I hear Felix a lot — that’s one we considered for Linus.

In my son’s class, there’s a Khaleesi and Clementine — all of these very unique but trendy names. Many of them are names that we’d considered too! But you wouldn’t necessarily hear them in most places, I would think.

We have one friend with a son named Rivington and one named Bascom. Very Brooklyn! It’s very fun — every time I meet a new family, I wonder what their kids’ names are going to be. I don’t think I know a single Charlotte in this neighborhood.

What names did you like when you were younger?

I was always very interested in names. For a long time, I wanted my name to be Summer — I thought it was so cute.

Immediately after I got married — we didn’t have kids for a long time — I kept a list of names I’d hear and liked. Sienna was a big one for a while, and Isla before it got super popular.

Did you have any big fears related to baby names?

Not really! When we landed on Georgie, it felt right. We were at a Thanksgiving dinner before she was born and I remember someone asking, “How can you know the name of your child before you give birth? What if they come out and they don’t look like their name?”

But I knew it was Georgie. I’d been calling her Georgie for months — she was connected to the name.

What was the most surprising part of the baby name process?

Right before we had her, I found out how common it is for people to change their baby’s name. That was in the back of my mind — “Do I like this? Would I change it?” I was surprised by how much I loved Georgie and didn’t want to change it.

What advice would you give to someone who’s just starting the baby name process?

Don’t just look at American names, look at names from other English-speaking countries (if you want an English-sounding name). Canada, England, and Australia are great. It’s a way to see what other people around the world are thinking about.

How do you describe your style beyond baby names?

Relaxed eclectic. I’m a maximalist in that I love pretty things. If you come to my house, there are collections everywhere.

I have a lot more stuff than a lot of people would be comfortable with. It makes me happy because it reminds me of trips we’ve been on or other moments. Everything has special meaning to me, whether I found it myself at a thrift store or we got it on vacation.

Connecting that back to Georgie, it felt good to choose a name that reminded me of my childhood. That’s how I live my life. I like having things near me that remind me of special moments.

Did you pass down anything special to Georgie?

We passed down baby clothes that I wore and even my mom wore for Georgie. Linus also has outfits that have been in our family for a while.

Before she died, my grandmother made quilts for both of them, even though she wasn’t around to meet Linus and Georgie. They’re really special.

What things did you like to do when you were pregnant?

The last month is so hard when you’re pregnant. I bought myself some massages at the end and that was so lovely for me when I was aching and uncomfortable.

I bought some very nice hospital stuff, like a really good soft pair of socks that I wore in the hospital, a light but comfortable robe, and nice pajamas. That made the hospital experience so lovely.

This time around, I felt more comfortable since I had given birth a few years before. The hospital experience was more pleasant, but those little moments of comfort were so nice. Being able to put on a cozy robe and get out of your scratchy hospital garb feels amazing.

What are the cool things to do with kids in Brooklyn and New York?

Color Factory! My kids love it.

I’m constantly looking up new things to do because there’s always something going on. In every park, there’s always an entertainer and you can see a puppet show or dance. We end up going to Central Park a lot because there’s just so much to do in one space.

Linus and Georgie love the New York Transit Museum. They have all these old trains set up and kids can play in them. The Camp stores are also great. They’re always doing fun and new stuff.

Alison's (and Georgie's) Favorite Things

BabyBjörn Travel Crib

This is the unsung hero of our lives. We got it for Linus and have used it so much over the past four years. We take it with us everywhere — it’s such a lifesaver.

Fast Table Chair

This has saved us in New York City. Highchairs aren’t as common in restaurants, so we use it all the time. She can sit with us anywhere, no matter how big or small the restaurant.

Remote Control

We bought Georgie an actual remote for Christmas. She knows the difference between real and fake ones!

Stokke Clikk High Chair

This style blends into our house nicely!

BabyBjörn Carrier

I wear Georgie a lot because it's very practical!

Babyzen Yoyo Stroller

This is light and packs down really small. We’re constantly taking strollers up and down the subway!

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Thank you so much, Alison!

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