Help the Bode Millers Name Their Twin Boys!

Help the Bode Millers Name Their Twin Boys!

Olympic skier Bode Miller and wife Morgan Beck Miller recently became the parents of identical twin boys — but now they need twin names!

The Millers told People Magazine that they were having trouble agreeing on names for their twins.

“It’s a daily battle to the point where some days we have to stop the conversation and revisit the following day,” Beck Miller told People. “I come from very traditional names, like my dad is Edward. But Bode’s family, they have much more unique names. For example, his sister’s name is Genesis Wren Bungo Windrushing Turtleheart.”

Beck Miller invited visitors to her Instagram to vote on whether the couple should name one of the twins Beck, with 68% saying yes, Today Parents reports.

The Millers are parents to sons Easton Vaughn Rek, 13 months, and Edward Nash Skan, 4, called Nash. They lost daughter Emeline Grier in a tragic drown accident in 2018.  Miller is also father to daughter Dace, 11, and son, Nate, 6.

The couple took three weeks to name son Easton, so they’re accustomed to trusting in a long process. And finding two names can be more than double the challenge.

“Always finding the blend of the two names is a challenge, but I feel like we’ve done a really good job in the past of creating these unique names that end up fitting our kids,” Beck Miller told Today.

We have some ideas that might help the couple decide.

Twin Boy Names Starting with E

If the couple want to continue the E theme they’ve used for their other children, here are some good twin pairs that straddle the line between traditional and unique:

Ezra and Enzo

Eleazar and Emmanuel

Emmett and Everett

Elliot and Elias

Edison and Ellington

Ellis and Esmond

Epic and Ever

Twin Boy Names That Go with Beck

Mom’s surname Beck could be one of the boys’ names, a choice we support.  So if Beck turns out to be one of the names, here are some ideas for Beck’s twin brother.

Beck and Brooks

Beck and Cove

Beck and Mack

Beck and Birch

November Names for Twin Boys

The twins were born November 8, so names that relate to the month of November might also work. The Millers might also consider Scorpio baby names and autumn baby names for their twins. Some compatible choices:

Clement and Emery

Aurelius and Magnus

Theodore and Tobias

Orion and Scorpio

Stone and Steel

What would you name identical twin boys? Which pairs here do you like the best for the Miller twins?

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