Girl Baby Names: The newsiest names, from Talulah to Lula to Rue

Girl Baby Names: The newsiest names, from Talulah to Lula to Rue

It’s an all girl baby names issue of Appellation Mountain‘s Abby Sandel’s Nameberry 9 newsiest names this week.

Did you hear?  Barack Obama declined to offer baby name advice.

The president hosted a fireside chat on Google+ last week.  He tackled complex, divisive topics like the environment and the economy.

But baby names?

When writer and vlogger John Green introduced his wife, Sarah, and asked Obama if he’d help them choose a name for their second child, the president passed.

Had Green asked that question on the Nameberry forums, we would have all dived in fearlessly.  What’s your firstborn’s name?  Do you have any middles picked out?

Giving baby name advice is tough.  It means sorting names into the good and the bad, or maybe the good and the less good.  Explaining why we like a name is nearly impossible sometimes, isn’t it?  Explaining what we dislike can be too easy.

This week’s news was filled with gorgeous girls’ names representing every possible style and trend, from imports to underused classics to modern discoveries.

The nine most newsworthy baby names are:

AliceJohn Green asked President Obama to choose either Eleanor or Alice.  The president demurred, but I’ll jump in.  Choose AliceDon’t get me wrong – both names are great.  But Alice seems the tiniest bit more interesting to me, part-Wonderland and part-waitress.  She’s classic, but a little bit quirky, too – perfect for the daughter of a writer.

Adele – The singer swept up another Grammy award last week.  With Addison and Madeline huge hits, could Adele be next?  After nearly four decades of obscurity, she’s catching on quickly in recent years, ranking #627 in 2011.  Spare but still feminine, and now fueled by the star, Adele feels like one to watch.

Paola – Speaking of singers, Italy’s Laura Pausini is a new mom.  She and partner Paolo Carta – also a musician – welcomed a daughter last week.  All of those lovely, liquid vowels make me think that Paola should work in the US, too, a sister for Lila.

Talulah – Actress Sara Rue went with Talulah for her firstborn, joining a handful of otherHollywood types to embrace this name.  I’m always surprised she isn’t more popular, though Tallulah – with the double L – has climbed steadily in the last few years.

Lula – Then there’s Lula, a shorter spin on Tallulah, a cousin for Lola and Lula, an affectionate form of LouiseBryan Adams chose Lula for daughter #2, inspired by the 1956 Gene Vincent hit “Be-Bop-A-Lula.”  Big sister is Bunny, so Adams and partner Alicia Grimaldi definitely belong in the creative baby naming Hall of Fame.

Rosylea – If Lula is a great name, Miss Adams’ middle is a true novelty.  Rosalie has been on the rise in recent years, a vintage choice ready for revival.  But this might be the first baby name inspired by cockney rhyming slang – Rosylea is slang for “cup of tea.” There’s Rosy Lee Tea ofLondon, too.  Apparently, Lula arrived at tea time, inspiring the unusual choice.  But hey, if girls can answer to Dawn and Twila, is Rosylea really so out there?

RueOne more middle name to consider – Sara Rue’s Talulah has mom’s last name as her middle.  Talulah Rue has an appealing sound, and the connection to her mom is lovely.  Forget Katniss.  I think Rue is the breakout name of The Hunger Games, likely to appeal to parents seeking something short and sweet, but with a modern edge.

YardleyFox News anchor Megyn Kelly is expecting baby #3.  Her firstborn is Edward Yates, known by his middle.  Her daughter is YardleyKelly must be after a third Y name for this baby, but Yvonne doesn’t seem quite her style.  Maybe Yale?

Finley – blogger Bekka Besich brought home a second daughter, a little sister for HarperLisa Milbrand has the rundown on baby Besich’s name.  One interesting note: while Finn and all of his variations continue to catch on for boys, Finley appears to be the form most favored for girls.  Angie Harmon, Lisa Marie Presley, and Daniel Baldwin all have daughters named Finley.  Move over, Riley and Bailey.

Do you feel comfortable giving baby name advice?  Would you choose Eleanor or Alice?  And are there any other names starting with Y?

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