Cool Baby Names: Our 12 newest choices

by Denise K. Potter/Nameberry

The cool baby names this summer include the 12 newest choices on Nameberry, inspired by ancient queens and celebrity newborns, fictional characters and an Ethiopian cabdriver! If your definition of cool baby names are those that are exotic, quirky, and unusual, our dozen newest choices may inspire you. (Buy this St. Kateri oranment on Etsy.) 


Meret is an unusual yet accessible name with meaning in a diverse range of cultures. In German, it is the diminutive of Margarethe and means “pearl.” In Egyptian mythology, Meret was a goddess whose name meant “beloved” and was associated with singing, dancing, and rejoicing. Meret is also used in Hebrew, Danish, and Norwegian cultures. Most famously, Méret Oppenheim, the German-born Swiss artist and photographer, was a leading figure in the Surrealist movement of the 1920’s.

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