Celtic Baby Names: Whats doing in Dublin and Dundee

December 25, 2014 Linda Rosenkrantz

By Linda Rosenkrantz

Like most people, I love Celtic names, which makes it a lot of fun to check out the Irish and Scottish birth announcements in their local newspapers every so often, with their mix of revived Irish Gaelic names and familiar English appellations, and often surprising—to us—first and middle combos. All the babes listed below made their debuts in 2014, and they include such beauts as Libby Letitia and BobbyCharles Jack.

Pronunciation of Irish names can be a minefield for non-Gaelic speakers, as words/names are not pronounced phonetically and there are many variations in dialect. If you need pronunciation help, you can get audio assistance at this site:



Aisling Rose

Aoife GertrudeAoife Laura

Aoileann Eva

Aria Adrienne

Ciara Grace Laurelin Lee

Chloe Eleanor Una

Cliodhna Élise

Clodagh Breda Carty

Éabha Sarah

Elizabeth Nyx

Ellinore Geralynn Rosamund

Elodie Florence

Etain Constance (sister of Iseult, Ultan, Uilleac and Cuán)

Fiadhla (sister of Ruairí)

Imogen Saoirse


Isabel Coco

Isobella Barbara (granddaughter of Odessa)


Juno Laura

Libby Letitia

Méabh Rhona Susan Joan

Maeve Mary

Maude Clementine Laura

Mhairi Joan

Moya Rose


Poppy Primrose

Roan Margaret

Romy Criona

Sadhbh Cecilia (sister of Ruari, Oisin and Iarla), Sadhbh OliviaSadhbh Niamh

Siofra Frances

Sophie CaoimheSophie Máire

Tamsin Rose

Teagan Rose



 Alfie Brian

Beau Philip

Ben Arran


BobbyCharles Jack

Cormac Thaddeus

Darragh George

Donagh Timothy

Éanna Samuel

Emmet Alan

Eóin Edmund


Evan Steen

Finian Jack

Fionn Brendan

Flynn Patrick

Freddie Charles

Hamish John

Henry Alexander Aloysius

Hugo Anders

Iver Dillon

Kalel Fermi

Kennedy Frank

Magnus Aodhán


Nicholas Tiberius


Paddy John

Patrick Meindert Alexander

Ronan PaulRonan Peter

Saran Turlough

Séamus (brother of Fionnbharr)

Seán Constant

..and now a few Scots:


Aoife Rose


Bethan Claire

Eilidh Reid

Iona Margaret Ruth

Hannah Elspeth

Ivy Moira Elizabeth

Lucy Perpetua Rose


Niamh Maria

Sophia Mary Philomena

Tate Georgina

Tilly Innes


Angus Alan

Caelen Lewis

Donaghy Angus William Edward

Hamish Neil

Horatio Elisha Hazard

Innes Robert Douglas

Matt Mackenzie

Moor Arthur


Ollie James David

Rohan Innes Singh

Ruaridh Davidson

Seonaidh Leslie

Struan Munro

Twins: Oliver Frazer & Olivia Agnes

            Hamish Keith & Digby Robin


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