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They’re naming a sister for Jack, but so far, nothing has that wow factor. What’s the best name for their new daughter – Margot? Felicity? Or something they haven’t thought of yet?

Deanna writes: 

I’m expecting a girl due in July. We have a son named Jack. His name was easy to choose; I loved it for years. My husband wasn’t always on board but grew to love it. He’s never been “wow”ed by any name I’ve mentioned.

When I was pregnant with my son, I was certain that if he was a girl, her name would be Felicity. But now, I don’t feel that way. I still like the name but keep waiting for something else to wow me! It’s like it’s not enough this time.

I want a name that’s recognizable but not too common. We’ve also considered:

Emilia – But it’s too popular.

Celeste – My husband isn’t sure.

Margot – I worry some people will look puzzled when they hear it.

Sabrina – A favorite, but we had a cat by the name. Still, not an absolute no.

My husband’s name is Cory, so any name starting with Cor, like Corinne, is out.

Any suggestions?

The Name Sage replies:

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Baby Boy Names: Strong Classics

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When you’re facing a challenging pregnancy, choosing a strong name can feel auspicious, maybe even necessary. Let’s help this mom find the right boy name for her little fighter!

Elizabeth writes:

I’ve just found out that I’ll be delivering early due to some complications that have also landed me in the hospital on bed rest.

All this time with nothing to do has me going in circles about the name for our son. Given how tiny he will be, I want a strong name. Middle name will be a family name (probably William but we’ve got a few options if the first name doesn’t work with that).

We had narrowed it to Ezra or Leo, but neither feels quite right to me now. I love Samuel, called Sam, and my husband loves Isaac, called Ike, but we both have some resistance to the others’ choice.

Our older son is Charlie and my husband and I both have very traditional names, so I don’t feel like we can go too far afield, but using the obvious William for a first boy name felt a little too British monarchy-themed for us.

We seem to both like short, strong names (or at least a short, strong nickname). What are we missing?! Given all the bad luck we’ve had lately, I’m feeling due for a strike of brilliance here!

The Name Sage replies:

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Popular Girl Names: Lost in the La-Crowd

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They’ve long loved Lyla for a daughter. But is Lyla too close to all those other lovely, La-la names?

Emily writes:

We are struggling with choosing a name for our baby girl arriving in March.

Our son’s name is Theodore and he goes by Theo.  For years we have liked the name Lyla, and recently considered Daisy for a middle name. But now that we are down to the wire we aren’t sure!

Lyla isn’t super popular, but there are so many close variations – Layla, Lola, Lula, Leela, etc. that I am worried people will always get her name wrong. It’s already happening! People say things like, “What are you naming the baby again, Lola?”

We’ve also considered Daisy as a first name, Meadow, Summer, Vivienne, and Eden. Lyla is still a top choice. We love a good nickname, so while not a dealbreaker, we would like a name that has some nickname options.

Hope you can help!

The Name Sage replies:

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Boy Names: Seeking something fresh

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Do you have a mile-long list of girl names, while coming up empty for boys? That’s this family’s predicament! Let’s help them find something fresh and new for Lyra and Hadley’s brother. 

Megan writes:

We are expecting our first boy in May and we cannot decide on a name. There are many girls’ names I love – Scout, Piper, Prue, Rosalie – but no boys’ names that I love.

We have twin daughters, Hadley and Lyra, and we want a name that feels untraditional and uncommon. (Though both are rising in popularity.) Our surname is two syllables, starts with M and ends with –son, which rules out many options.

We’d like to avoid another H or L name, and we plan to use my dad’s name, Donald, as the middle name.

Names we’ve considered include Archie, Barrett, Kit, Nico, and Jonah, but none of them feel quite right, and I’m feeling defeated.

The Name Sage replies:

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Baby Naming Advice: Teacher Edition

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If you’re a teacher, every name can already feel taken by a former student! What’s the best approach – choose something truly unusual? Or choose a baby name you love, knowing that it might appear on your class list, too?

Caity writes:  

We are having trouble agreeing on a girls’ name. We have a strong-sounding, single-syllable surname that starts with S and rhymes with deal. I’d like to use Elizabeth for the middle.

My husband likes Quinn; I prefer Sadie or Finley.

But here’s the real problem: I come from a huge family with lots of girls, so many names are already out. And I teach dance, meaning I’ve heard all the common names out there, spelled every which way. I don’t want to name my daughter after any students, especially current ones.

Is there something out there that my husband and I haven’t thought of and isn’t too common? Or am I being too picky?

The Name Sage replies:

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