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44 Names from 1917 You Should Use Now!

By Linda Rosenkrantz

In the baby-name world there’s something called the 100-Year-Rule, the theory that it takes a century for names to be ready to make a comeback. That timeframe has shrunk considerably, with the resurgence of names from the fifties, sixties and even later, that is happening right now.

But every year we do like to look back at the names from a century ago, to dig for Top 500 examples that haven’t made it back to the current Top 1000 (actually two years short since we’re still looking at 2015) , but have the potential to do so. And for good measure, we’ll add the names that are in that same position now.

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Easter Baby Names: The lovely Lily

By Linda Rosenkrantz

If you’re looking for a name for your Easter season baby, one logical point of departure could be the lily, a prime symbol associated with the resurrection, with rebirth and a new beginning. The white lily known as the Easter Lily has long signified purity, hope, innocence and peace.

Let’s take a long look at Lily, her homegrown and distant variations and noted bearers.

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By John Kelly, mashed radish

April showers us with poetry. It’s National Poetry Month, for one thing, and on April 23 we observe the birthday of the most celebrated poet and playwright of the English language: William Shakespeare. While the Bard would have been 453 years old this April, many of the names of his characters are still strutting on the stage. So, if you’re looking for some inspired names, these twelve characters may be just the muse you’re looking for:

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girls' name Lena

Baby naming tip: when others react negatively to your favorite name, don’t despair! Instead pay attention, because it might be a good sign you’ve found an undiscovered gem.

Kelsi writes:

My husband and I are expecting our first daughter, and we are having a hard time pinning down a name. Our son’s name is Reid. What I like about Reid is that it is classic but not common. We have a very long last name so having a shorter name is important to us.

Names we have considered include:

Ivy – our top contender for so long that it seems like it has lost its flair

June – we both like, but are not in love

Liza – but it seems to get bad reactions

Norah – I’m not sold

I am a teacher so most names my husband chooses I can’t get on board with because of student connotations.

Please help us!

The Name Sage replies:

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April is National Poetry Month.  And if you’re seeking a name for your daughter that’s lyrical and poetic, romantic and feminine and not at all trendy, a good source would be those that inspired the poets of the past. Some are idealized Greek or Latinate appellations used by the early English pastoral poets in verse dedicated to their “coy mistresses,” some are found in later works by the Romantic poets, some of them are completely creative inventions.

Here are a dozen great examples.

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