Classic Baby Names: 100+ Fashionable Classics


by Pamela Redmond

Can you be fashionable and classic at the same time? Ask anyone who’s ever lusted after a Chanel bag or longed to drive a vintage Mercedes: of course you can.

But when it comes to baby names, not all classic baby names are fashionable (sorry, John and Mary), and most fashionable names are not classic.

So which names achieve the perfect combination of fashionable and classic? We scoured the lists of names both popular and unique to come up with these 100 fashionable classic baby names,  from a range of sources.

Girl Names

Boy Names

What names would you add to this list? Any you’d take away?

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2 Responses to “Classic Baby Names: 100+ Fashionable Classics”

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rubylark Says:

March 12th, 2019 at 4:49 pm

I love Edith and Margot! I also like Alma, but it’s more of a boy name to me. For boys, Frederick and Arthur are my favorites!

wandsworth Says:

March 15th, 2019 at 9:56 am

Very few of the names on this list feel like classics to me. I would categorize most as being either classical (Persephone, Jupiter) or turn-of-the-century revivals (Dorothea, Clyde). IMO a classic name is one that’s been well-used in English-speaking countries over the centuries. I should be able to hop in a time machine, pop out in 1950 or 1450, and introduce myself as a name on this list and not receive confused looks from the people of that time.

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