Birth Announcement Baby Names: November Berrybabies

Birth Announcement Baby Names: November Berrybabies

By Linda Rosenkrantz

November turned out to be an interesting month in the babyberry arrival world! First of all there were four sets of twins: 2 boy/girl and 2 boy/boy:

Margot Weston and Jasper James

Maryn Siena and Nicholas Moone

Archie and Theodore

Oliver Grayson and Nathaniel Wyatt

I was particularly taken with some of the imaginative middle names this month, as in Amaranth, Mimosa, Michelangelo and Moone. And some pretty gorgeous sibsets as well.

Here’s the full list of names for November babies born to the Nameberry community.


Brigitte Gabrielle, sister of Vivienne Camille

Brigitte is a French twist on Bridget, and pairs so well with Vivienne with Brigitte’s double consonants.”

Charlotte Emmeline Rose, sister of Lorenzo Everett Oliver

Charlotte was chosen because it is a timeless classic that works well in our British/American/German/French/Italian (Carlotta) multicultural family. Emmeline was chosen because it is again a classic and honours suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst, a personal heroine of mine. Rose…was chosen to sweeten and soften her name and is a favourite of mine from the floral family (and my husband refused to use Lavender).”

Elodie Sofia, sister of Camden Blake, Nash Aiden, Bryson Cole and Oliver Eli

Emmet Amaranth

Everly James

James is after my husband who is actually the 4th James in his family. We decided to keep the tradition alive by using it as a middle name for our first-born.”

Francesca Philippa Caroline, sister of Juliette Aurelia Esme

Isobel AutumnBelle,” sister of Theodore WilliamTeddy

Louise Mimosa, sister of Hubert Augustin and Marigold Nancy

_“She will go primarily by Mimosa which was my grandmother’s very loved and quirky name. Louise was a last minute suggestion by my husband…came to him because I was watching one of my favorite movies…”Thelma and Louise” and Louise was always the one I oddly identified with mo_re.”

Margot Weston, twin of Jasper James and sister of Cato Quentin and Auden Grace

Maryn Siena, twin of Nicholas Moone

”Maryn is a name which we used to honor all the Marys and Maries in our family. Her middle name is in honor of Siena Italy, a place very special to us. As well as to the color of the leaves during fall when she was born.”

Seraphine Clementine, sister of Adelaide Iria and Evelina Story

Clementine is a nod to my dad’s family and my maiden name, Klemm.”

Sylvie Wilhelmina


Aeron John Michelangelo, brother of Natalia Ysabel Anastasia

Aeron is the name of a family friend’s son and we think it’s just gorgeous and unusual. We live not too far from the north Welsh border in England so it hasn’t been mistaken for Aaron or Aiden—yet. Michelangelo has been on my hit list forever. I remember when I was pregnant with my daughter I posted about this name and it got a bit of a hot and cold response, but the love never wore off for us so we have held by it.”

Archie, twin brother of Theodore

Dashiell Kenneth, brother of Rory Steven

Gus Nathaniel, brother of Mae Catherine and Nell Alexandra

Ibrahim “Brahim” Loukman

“We chose Brahim as a modern take on Ibrahim/Abraham and Loukman to honour my grandfather Luc and baby’s African roots. In Islam there are Hebrew (e.g. Adam, David) and Arabic (Jethro, Mohammed) prophets, Loukman (or Luqman) is the only African one. He was known for his wisdom and knowledge about nature. We would have loved to use it as a first but as it is pronounced ‘look man’ we felt it wouldn’t work well in English.”

James Matthias, brother of April Louise and Daisy Allison

“The middle name became an issue, as we had already used a family name for the first name. Eventually, we stumbled across Matthias and thought that it fitted beautifully. The ‘ss’ sound at the end of James and Matthias work well together and Matthias means ‘Gift of God’, and I am sure every parent thinks of their children as beautiful treasures.”

Jasper James, twin of Margot Weston and brother of Cato Quentin and Auden Grace

Leland Neil Silas

“I have loved the name Leland since before I met my husband. I also love that his name is full of nature and adventure, which suits our family very well. Leland means meadow, Neil means clouds, and Silas means forest. The meaning of Neil has even more significance to me now, because as I was in labor, I was focusing on the big, grey clouds and melty snowflakes outside the hospital window.”

Nathaniel Wyatt, twin of Oliver Grayson and brother of Sabrina and Cora

Nicholas Moone, twin of Maryn Siena

Oliver Grayson, twin of Nathaniel Wyatt and brother of Sabrina and Cora

Rudy Stuart

TheodoreTheo,” twin brother of Archie

Thomas Calkins

“In the end, you can’t go wrong with a traditional name.”

Zane Kenneth, brother of Flynn Raymond and Reid Henry

***AND A REMINDER: Please be sure to enter the names of  (and stories behind) your future arrivals in the Baby Name Announcement forum!! (And also please don’t post any wishful thinking announcements.)  That’s it for our November baby names. Thanks!

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