Berry Babies Born in August: Bruno Hummingbird and Wren Meridian

September 5, 2017 Linda Rosenkrantz

By Linda Rosenkrantz

Not quite as many announcements as usual this month, but still a really interesting bunch of August baby names. The boys were a particularly international crew, from Bruno to Eamonn to Sven. And of particular note was an amazing set of sibling middle names: Hummingbird, Nightingale, Mayflower and Wildrose! But what was perhaps most striking was a boy named Wren for the second month in a row!

There was one set of boy-girl twins in August: Avalyn CoraRose and Alban Isaiah.

Here’s the complete list.


 Anna Carolina

Anna (rhymes with banana not sauna) has been a favorite of mine since I was young. I love how feminine and classic the name is. It was important for me for her name to work in English and Polish so that all my family members could easily pronounce it. The diminutive for Anna in Polish is Ania. Carolina was chosen by my husband for his favourite sports team, the University of North Carolina Tar Heels.”

Avalyn CoraRose, twin of Alban Isaiah and sister to Harlow Grace

Florence Ivy, sister of Mila Grace

LaceRose Aria, sister of ScarletTigerlily Brooke and Harper Kym

“…when my husband and I couldn’t decide on a name I turned to Nameberry in a mild panic! Although we didn’t find her name on any lists, we can thank Nameberry for her middle name.”

Leorah Annabelle, sister of Noah William, Eliana Beatrice, Joseph Arthur, Ethan James and Abigail Marie

“We ultimately went with Annabelle as a family honor name even if it’s a little long.”

Linnea Grace, sister of Erik Elderkin and Caedmon James

“We chose Linnea because of our Swedish ancestry (Linnea, aka twinflower, is the Swedish national flower), because it is very similar to my name and because our boys have N. European/Viking-sounding names.  Grace as a reminder to me to give myself grace and to have it with her.”

Violet Jane

“…seems to suit what we expect to be quite a cheeky little girl! Her nickname is Panda, which suits her chubby cheeks and insatiable appetite.”


Alban Isaiah, twin of Avalyn CoraRose and brother to Harlow Grace

Bruno Hummingbird, brother of Peter Nightingale, Sabina Mayflower and Dorothy Wildrose

Bruno was a last-minute idea I had that my husband loved instantly. We think it bridges the styles of the top names on our list very well as Bruno is clunky, bearlike and old man-ish such as Albert but is also fresh, O-ending and European-style like Hugo.”

Eamonn Robert, brother of Gareth and Ewan

“Our concern was that it was too similar to another son’s name (Ewan), but in the end we just liked it better than our other top choices (Finlay, Cormac, Darcy).”

Jasper James, brother of Alaric Josiah

“When my husband held him for the first time I just looked at him and said “So what is his name?” and he said “Jasper” and that was that! Our other name choices were Benedict and Theoden…having a more popular name isn’t going to be all that bad, right?”

Sven Joseph, brother of Felicity, Annika and Ezra

“We struggled with his name, but after spending 3 months of my pregnancy in Europe, Sven just seemed to fit. It’s a family name on my husband’s side, but much more popular in Europe than it is here! I also love that it’s short and simple. His middle name, Joseph, is after Joseph of Egypt in the Bible..I just love his character. Humble, Godly, and powerful.”

Truett Richard, brother of Dashel James, Esme Joyce, Everly Ann and Bode Daniel

Wren Meridian

”After weighing endless variables, at three or four am, we settled on Wren. That decision made, we knew right away that his middle name would be Meridian….I think we were some of the most prepared/indecisive parents ever to name a child…we had six spreadsheets full of names and name combos…(thanks Nameberry games forum!)..”

What’s your favorite of these names, first-middle name combo and sibset? Tell us in the comments!


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