Babyberry Report for March: Elowen, Ezra & Ezra

Babyberry Report for March: Elowen, Ezra & Ezra

By Linda Rosenkrantz

Some wonderful March baby names from the berries, including interesting first and middle combos, and some great sibsets (I think may favorite has to be Lilith, joining the imaginative Kodiak, Lace, Willow and Jude.)

Two pretty incredible late-listed pairs of twins, one for each gender:

Elowen Iris & Tallulah Dove

Camus Rafael & Kipling Angelo

Also of special interest is the fact of two Ezras on the list. This biblical boy name is getting a lot of buzz—it jumped 40+ places this year to its highest point ever, Number 143. And several girls with middle names from nature–Iris, Violet, Dove, Ivy, Pearl and Rose.


Bailey Charlotte

Beatrice Nola, sister of Emmett Nicholas

“She was supposed to be a Rosemary Isabel…but we fell in love with Beatrice, and Nola is to honor my father-in-law, Nolan.”

Eloise Grace, sister of Cora

Iris, twin of Tallulah Dove

“We love that their first names share a (very subtle) nature theme, Iris honours our two angel babies (meaning rainbow) and Dove is the meaning of my husband’s name.”

Lilith Ivy, sister of Kodiak, Lace, Willow and Jade

Louisa Pearl, sister of William and Elijah

Louisa’s name came to be when we went through all the great feedback given to us, by you. And made us decide that the more classic Louisa would be a better fit than Eloisa, which we originally had in mind for her”

Maeve Rhiannon

“Her first name had been decided months ago, but we went with a different middle name off our list than we thought we would. She came out fighting, so Rhiannon seemed to fit—a strong name for a strong girl. It also incorporates Ann, which is a family name on my husband’s side.

Margo Evelina

Marina Grace, brother of Roman James

“We chose the name Marina because of its Latin meaning, “from the sea.” My husband & I have deep personal love for the sea. We also love the name because it is common in Italian & Russian (pieces of our heritage) but not too common here in the United States.

Paloma Rose (Polly)

“I chose her name for several reasons, the main reason being its meaning. In Spanish Paloma is “dove,” a symbol of peace, hope, and truth.”

Penelope Elizabeth Pearl, sister of Silas Robert Patrick

Rosaline Clare, sister of DakotaCody’ and AlexandriaSasha

Tallulah Dove, twin of Elowen Iris

Thea Violet, sister of Luka Gabriel

“In the end, we went with a family name that was similar to one of our old favorites for her first and a middle name which my husband and I have loved for a long time. She already earned herself a bunch of nicknames which include Darly (derived from darling) given by my parents and Teddy, which we gave to her and derived from her name.


Camus Rafael, twin of Kipling Angelo and brother of Karitza Josephine and Calypso Jayelle

Colson Reid

Elijah Francis Dean, brother of Henry Vernon and Oliver Stanley

“We went back and forth on a middle name, but we eventually decided on two…They both honor, Dean being especially meaningful to my husband as he lost a dear friend a couple months ago when he was hit by a drunk driver, and his name was Dean. Francis honors a hero of mine, and I love the way its softness balances the strength of Elijah and Dean.”

Ezra Matthew, brother of Eli Michael

Ezra Samuel, brother of Felicity and Annika

“I’ve loved the name Ezra but was hesitant to use it because of its popularity (and looking like it will just become more popular) but we went through all the names that we had on our list and it fit him the best. We love the Biblical story of Ezra rebuilding the temple in Jerusalem.”

Simon Peter Whitcomb

Simon was my husband’s great-grandfather’s name. We just liked the name Peter and we liked the connection to the apostle Peter, but after he was born and we announced the name my mother-in-law told us her grandfather’s middle name had been Peter as well! Whitcomb is a family name; my grandfather’s middle name and his mother’s maiden name.”

Stanley Michael, brother of Matilda, Eloise, Walter, twins Ramona and Bernadette, and Arthur

Wolfgang Von, brother of Moses Von and Elinor (nn Nori) Alyce

“We chose his name for its strong feel to match up with his big brother Moses Von. The two of them can protect their older sister…He will go by Wolfgang, Wolf, or Wolfie. The middle name is a tribute to the dropped ‘von’ from our family’s heritage.”

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Linda Rosenkrantz

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