Baby Name Predictions for Future Starbabies

Baby Name Predictions for Future Starbabies

by Sophie Kihm

Names are very revealing. They carry demographic information—names often give clues as to one’s approximate age, race, nationality, and gender. However, our names say more about our parents than they do about us. A child’s name can tell you a lot about his or her parents’ values.

For example, Jason Aldean and Brittany Kerr named their oldest son Memphis Aldean Williams. Memphis indicates their deep ties to the South—both as the birthplace of country music and of Jason and Brittany. And Aldean, the middle name baby Memphis shares with his father, tell us the couple values family, heritage, and tradition.

Brittany is now pregnant with their second child, and I wonder if the same values will come across in this baby’s name, or if new ones will be revealed. Likewise, what will we learn about the stars who have never named children before? Will Pippa Middleton use a family name for her baby, or choose something unexpected? Will Kate Upton go the typical supermodel route and pick a daring, bold baby name, or stick closer to her Midwestern roots with a safer, subdued choice? I’ve made my predictions below, but only time will tell.

Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma

Gender: girl

Siblings: Luca Cruz (previous relationship)

It’s going to be a girl for Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma, and the pair has taken to calling her “Baby B” on social media. So it appears as if she’s going to have a B name, but which one? There are plenty of great options, but I’m holding out for Bianca, because that would be a nice addition to the sibset.

Girl: Bailey, Bea, Bella, Bianca, Blair, Blythe, Bree, Briar, Brinley, Brynn

*Update* Baby girl B is Banks Violet!

Pippa Middleton and James Matthews (shown)

Gender: unknown

Siblings: none

What will the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister name her baby? The bettors are saying Catherine or Michael. Michael seems like it’s a distinct possibility—it’s the name of Pippa‘s father, as well as James‘s late brother—but I’m not so sure that that the couple would name a daughter after her aunt. My best guess is that they’ll choose something with traditional British class, but with some flair, as Pippa doesn’t have the same restrictions as her older sister.

Girl: Alice, Amelia, Caroline, Clara, Eleanor, Josephine, Madeline, Rosamund

Boy: Bennett, Edward, Frederick, Michael, Nicholas, Oliver, Peter, Thomas

*Update* It’s a boy—Arthur Michael William

Iva and Mike Colter

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Naiella

Mike Colter and his wife Iva gave their oldest daughter the name Naiella. Naiella is an invented name, yet it sounds very on-trend with names like Isabella, Gabriella, and Arabella floating around many American playgrounds. If baby number two is another girl, I expect we’ll see another long and feminine name. For a boy, something cool and masculine.

Girl: Amina, Aziza, Callista, Ciara, India, Kalea, Lelia, Liliana, Samaya, Viviana

Boy: Adrian, Austen, Brody, CadenCairo, Dominic, Elijah, Julian, Mason, Roman

Elizabeth Smart and Matthew Gilmour

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Chloé, James

Elizabeth Smart and her husband Matthew Gilmour chose the enduring, modern staples Chloé and James for their first two children. Now that they’re expecting baby number three, I don’t see why they would stray from that tried and true pattern. While they’re not for everybody, there’s a reason names like Chloé and James are so well-liked—they are tailored, straightforward, and perennially stylish. It’s likely that James and Chloé’s new brother or sister will have a name along those same lines.

Girl: Audrey, Ella, Grace, Isabelle, Juliet, Lily, Lucy, Nora, Sophie, Violet

Boy: Charles, Elias, Henry, Lucas, Oliver, Peter, Sebastian, Theodore, William

*Update* Hello, Olivia!

Colleen Ballinger and Erik Stocklin

Gender: unknown

Siblings: none

Colleen Ballinger is best known for her YouTube alter-ego Miranda Sings, a quirky and offbeat character with oodles of confidence. In real life, Colleen is much more subdued. In a 2015 video on her personal channel, she claimed her first-born would be named Lily or Noah. Has she deviated from those names in the past three years, or will she stick to her guns?

Girl: Aria, Aurora, Ella, Grace, Ivy, Lily, Olivia, Ruby, Sophia, Willow, Zoey

Boy: Ben, Evan, Finn, Jack, Jude, Logan, Luke, Mason, Max, Noah, Owen

*Update* It’s a boy—Flynn Timothy!

Addison Timlin and Jeremy Allen White

Gender: unknown

Siblings: none

Shameless actor Jeremy Allen White and Addison Timlin are a young, fashionable couple. The names that people in this demographic tend to choose are trendy up-and-comers, rather than well-established, classic names. Using that logic, I’ve chosen some names that I think Addison and Jeremy might like.

Girl: Cassia, Clementine, Elodie, Esme, Harlow, Haven, Jayne, Piper, Romy

Boy: Asher, Beckett, Callum, Charlie, Dashiell, Finn, Magnus, Sawyer, Wilder

*Update* It’s a girl—Ezer Billie!

Brittany Kerr and Jason Aldean

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Keeley, Kendyl (previous relationship), Memphis Aldean

Jason Aldean is one of the top country stars, so it was no surprise when he gave his son the very countrified name Memphis back in 2017. Now that he and wife Brittany Kerr are welcoming their second child together so soon after their first, I predict that we will be hearing another name with some serious country vibes.

Girl: Annabelle, Emmeline, Georgia, Gracen, Layne, Maisie, Nova, Willow

Boy: Beau, Brooks, Dixon, Hayes, Jude, Knox, Macon, McCoy, Mercer, Nash

*Update* A girl—Navy Rome!

Kate Upton and Justin Verlander

Gender: unknown

Siblings: none

Supermodel Kate Upton and Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander are expecting their first child later this year. In the past, supermodels have been known to choose incredibly fashionable (sometimes avant-garde) names—not unlike the clothes they wear down the runway. Will Kate Upton follow suit with her baby’s name?

Girl: Bee, Coco, Dove, Elara, Etta, Josie, Lilac, Maelle, Mirabelle, Vale, Zella

Boy: Ash, Aubin, Bowden, Fielding, Hart, Jet, Lucan, Redford, Remy, True

*Update* Welcome, Genevieve Upton!

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