Baby Girl Names: Two-for-One Choices

Baby Girl Names: Two-for-One Choices

Maybe because Nameberry attracts such serious name lovers, many visitors to the site can’t settle for choosing just one name for their babies.

I’m not talking about the trend toward picking two middle names but about the taste for baby girl names that have two very different versions: a classic, elaborate, elegant, formal name with a cute, modern, spunky nickname that may be very distinct in sound and feel.

These two-for-one names seem to work best for girls, as evidenced by a recent message board rundown of the possibilities.  And of course it’s a phenomenon we’ve come across frequently on Nameberry before.

Many parents, in fact, say they’re only interested in baby girl names that go two ways.  And most don’t want to settle for the obvious, traditional short form — Penny for Penelope, for example — but are seeking a proper name and an inventive short form.

Some examples of fresh two-for-one names for girls, with thanks to our wonderful berries for some of these creative ideas:

AlexandraLexi or Sasha



BeatrixBetty or Trixie

Cecilia — Cece or Lia

ColetteCoco or Lettie

DorotheaDottie or Teddie

Francesca — Chessy or Frankie

GeorgiaGia or Gigi

GuinevereEvie or Winnie

HelenaLena or Nell

HenriettaEtta or Hatsy

JemimaJemma or Mimi

JosephinePosy or Sophie

JulietJet or Lulu

IsadoraDory or Sadie

LetitiaLettie or Tia


MargueriteDaisy or Maisie

MarianaMia or Minnie

MatildaMillie or Tillie



OlympiaPia or Polly

PenelopeNell or Poppy or Pippa


SusannahSanna or Sunny



What are YOUR favorite two-for-one baby girl names?

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Pamela Redmond

Pamela Redmond

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