Babies with Three Names

Babies with Three Names

by Pamela Redmond Satran

Maybe if I’d ever gotten into watching one of those shows about the Housewives from any place other than my home state of New Jersey, I’d have something better to do on a weeknight.

But no.  After a long day of working on Nameberry, what do I do for relaxation but turn to the hallowed pages of The London Telegraph, where I peruse the birth announcements in search of….more baby names.

This time, what caught my eye were all the three-named babies.  Maybe the oh-so-British three-name arrangement struck me because of the young prince George Alexander Louis, whose own three names are a departure from the usual royal four.  Was that Will and Kate‘s way of signaling that they were just like us…or at least like other young upper class British parents?

A few things we noticed about the three names of the babies noted here:

— More surnames such as Kynaston and Constable in the middle which are not mothers’ maiden names but may well be family names

— Some staid middle names such as Mary and Charles that are probably honorifics

— A few unconventional middles such as Bear and Coco

In case you’re interested in finding three great names for your own baby, you might find some inspiration in these wonderful recent British choices.


Agnes Lily Jean

Arabella Elizabeth Mary

Ava Flora Kynaston

Beatrice Grace Summer

Bebe Elizabeth Constable

Felicity Annabel Victoria

Florence Coco Clementine

Harriet Charlotte Mary

Matilda Isabel Violet

Olympia Bea Hermione

Ophelia Rose Diana

Phoebe Jo Campbell

Poppy Aurelia Addison

Scarlett Elizabeth Marion

Sophia Agnes Emilia

Violet Susanna Mary


Alexander Jackson Philip

Arthur Israel Granville

Felix Arthur Willoughby

Ferdinand James Mount

George Elliott Brooke

Gilbert Francis Howard

Gus George Douglas

Henry Hallam John

Hubert William George

Leonardo Ross Wolfram

Mungo Charles Timothy

Oliver Rufus Harvey

Orlando William Percy

Raef Julius Francis

Rafferty Henry Bear

Ralph Atlas Varouge

Wilfred Kit Diggory

About the Author

Pamela Redmond

Pamela Redmond

Pamela Redmond is the cocreator and CEO of Nameberry and Baby Name DNA. The coauthor of ten groundbreaking books on names, Redmond is an internationally-recognized baby name expert, quoted and published widely in such media outlets as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, The Today Show, CNN, and the BBC. She has written about baby names for The Daily Beast, The Huffington Post, and People.

Redmond is also a New York Times bestselling novelist whose books include Younger, the basis for the hit television show, and its sequel, Older. She has three new books in the works.