"bright child"

Akiko Origin and Meaning

The name Akiko is a girl's name meaning "bright child".

This popular Japanese name has many various meanings (bright, clear, autumn), depending on the combination of kanji used to spell it. The final element is the character ko, meaning "child", which features in many Japanese feminine names. Akiko is one of the best unique names for autumn babies.

Famous People Named Akiko

  • Akiko of MikasaPrincess of Japan; daughter of Prince Tomohito of Mikasa
  • Akiko Yosanopen name of Shō Hō, Japanese poet
  • Akiko WakabayashiJapanese actress
  • Akiko SuzukiJapanese figure skater
  • Akiko KujiJapanese TV presenter and model
  • Akiko YajimaJapanese voice actress
  • Akiko YanoJapanese pop singer
  • Akiko ShikataJapanese pop singer
  • Akiko "Keex" MatsuuraJapanese,born drummer and singer of English bands Pre and Comanechi
  • Akiko HasegawaJapanese voice actress
  • Akiko IchikawaJapanese,American artist

Akiko in Pop Culture

  • "Akiko" comic book series by Mark Crilley and its main character
  • "Akiko" 1961 Italian film and its main character; played by Akiko Wakabayashi