20 Worthy Name Substitutes: Judson for Hudson

20 Worthy Name Substitutes: Judson for Hudson

By Pamela Redmond Satran

Popular names are popular for a reason: They’re attractive, fresh, feel right for the times.

Their only problem is that they’re, well, popular.

If you like a name that you’re starting to hear a bit too often, we’ve come up with more original substitutes that may strike the right chord.  Here are ten popular girls’ names and ten boys’ names and ideas for more unusual substitutes.


If you like Adeline, you might love Adelia

If you like Claire, you might love Chiara

If you like Cora, you might love Flora

If you like Eleanor, you might love Leonora

If you like Imogen, you might love Rosamund

If you like Isla or Elsa, you might love Ilsa

If you like Lila, you might love Lillia or Kalila

If you like Maisie, you might love Mamie

If you like Penelope, you might love Persephone

If you like Scarlett, you might love Crimson

If you like Violet, you might love Plum


If you like Archer, you might love Booker

If you like Asher, you might love Asa or Ara

If you like Bodhi , you might love Bowie

If you like Declan, you might love Breccan

If you like Finn, you might love Wynn

If you like Hudson, you might love Judson

If you like Jasper, you might love Justus

If you like Leo, you might love Louis

If you like Oscar, you might love Osias

If you like Ronan, you might love Torin

If you like Sebastian, you might love Bastien

For lots more names substitutes, go here.

What are some of your name substitute ideas?

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Pamela Redmond

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