100 Best Baby Names 2021

100 Best Baby Names 2021

What are the best baby names for 2021? These are the 100 choices we think have the perfect combination of style, sound and substance right now.

2021 will (we hope) be a year for recovery and renewal, and many of our picks this year reflect that. Names with positive meanings, like Eliseo “salvation” and Evangeline “bearer of good news”, symbolize hope for the year ahead.

Our list of the 100 best baby names 2021 is drawn from a wide range of sources. We’ve studied the hottest names and trends in the US, as well those attracting the most attention on Nameberry. We’ve scoured the latest
celebrity baby names for cool choices in the spotlight right now. And we’ve checked out the
popular names in other countries, too.

Our picks for the best names of 2021 range from cool classics like Simon and Willa to rare gems like Cosima and Zaccai. Although they do tend toward the unique end of the baby naming spectrum, in recognition of parents’ increasing desire for individuality.

And here’s the twist: we’ve left the last spot unfilled. We’re asking YOU to help us round out the list. Share your suggestions here!

Best Baby Names 2021

Adair – Scottish surname with tailored flair.

Aella – An ancient name which blends multiple modern trends.

Alma – Sweet and soulful vintage pick hot on Nameberry.

Amory – Overlooked alternative to Avery and Emery.

Anya – International gem boosted by rising star Anya Taylor-Joy.

Apolline – An elegant and eye-catching route to Polly.

Aquila – Saintly and celestial name with a cool avian meaning.

Avalon – Ava meets Evelyn, with a fairytale edge.

Basil – Part laid back nature name, part vintage revival.

Bastian – Sebastian nickname stylish as a standalone in Europe.

Bee – Super sweet nature name with a sting in the tail!

Bellamy – Jaunty surname name heating up for both sexes.

Benaiah – Quirky Bible name with friendly nickname Ben.

Betty – Betty Reynolds put this retro nickname in the spotlight (with a little help from Taylor Swift!)

Billie – Boyish nickname with star power, thanks to Billie Eilish.

Callahan – A rollicking route to cool nickname Cal.

Cassiel – Set to follow Cassius and Castiel up the charts.

Cato – Ancient name with a fresh, modern sound.

Cecily – Stylish across the pond, but well below the radar in the US.

Cedar – Fresher than Rowan or Willow.

Constantine – Strong, stately and steeped in history.

Cosima – A musical and celestial choice beloved by the Berries.

Dahlia – Elegant alternative to Lily and Daisy.

Dorian – Underused traditional name with literary cachet.

Dove – Peaceful nature name given to two celebrity babies last year.

Eben – An updated Evan, with an easygoing appeal.

Eliseo – Mellifluous O-ending Spanish choice still sailing under the radar.

Elodie – Leapt back into the Top 1000 last year for the first time in over a century.

Elwood – Jazzy old school name picking up across the pond.

Evangeline – Its “good news” meaning feels perfect for 2021.

Ever – Energetic and evocative, with celebrity cred.

Ezio – Ezra alternative which is currently rising fast in France.

Fern – Sweet, spirited nature name popular a century ago.

Fiadh – Pronounced “FEE-ah”, this sweet but feisty name is #3 in Ireland.

Fielder – Sporty, outdoorsy boy name to rival Wilder.

Finnian – Lively Irish saint’s name which makes a fresh route to Finn.

Floyd – Retro revival given new significance by the events of 2020.

Galilee – Biblical place name with a musical sound.

Gatsby – Iconic literary surname evoking the Roaring Twenties.

Gigi – Gigi Hadid has put this energetic midcentury nickname back in the spotlight.

Guinevere – One of the magical names we’re watching for 2021.

Hadassah – Hot on Nameberry, and Haddie feels like a natural successor to Addie.

Hadrian – Adrian but with added gravitas.

Hollis – Smart nature meets surname name on the rise for both sexes.

Ida – A lesser-used alternative to Ada and Ivy.

Indiana – All-American route to cool nickname Indy or Indie.

Irie – Trending on Nameberry thanks to its sweet sound and powerful meaning.

Jabez – Offbeat Biblical boy name with a jazzy sound.

Joaquin – Stylish Spanish name with star power.

Juno – Powerful mythological name in the Top 200 on Nameberry.

Kaia – An energetic update to Maya and Mia.

Kainoa – Hot in Hawaii, at #38 there last year.

Keats – Literary surname joining the list of smart S-ending names for boys.

Koda – Multicultural choice with a musical sound.

Lark – Expect to see more of this quirky nature name, especially in the middle slot.

Lazarus – The ultimate symbol of hope and renewal.

Leon – Dashing alternative to Leo or Liam.

Lilou – A fresh French take on the Lil- sound.

Linnea – Stylish in Scandinavia, with excellent crossover potential.

Lorcan – A unique alternative to Logan or Lochlan.

Maple – Nature name which feels like an even quirkier Mabel.

Marianne – Might Normal People boost this chic midcentury classic?

Maven – Part Maeve, part Haven, with a great meaning.

Mira – Surprisingly underused for such a rich cross-cultural choice.

Nell – Sweet, tailored vintage nickname popular in Europe.

Nicodemus – Ancient and Biblical name with cool nickname potential.

Nightingale – Bold bird name honoring famous nurse Florence Nightingale.

Oberon – Literary choice with echoes of Orion.

Orla – Top 100 in the UK, but outside the Top 1000 here.

Oslo – Cool new place name possibility.

Parks – A fresh alternative to Brooks and Banks, with a great historical namesake in Rosa Parks.

Pepper – Peppy nature name we’re hearing more and more of lately!

Phelan – Offbeat Irish surname for lovers of Nolan.

Phoenix – Cool unisex choice set to rise from the ashes of 2020.

Priya – Beautiful Hindi name long popular in India.

Quinlan – A smart and surprisingly rare alternative to Quinn.

Raphael – The handsome name of the angel of healing feels especially fitting for 2021.

Rhodes – Ancient place name recently chosen by Emma Roberts.

Ripley – Set to lead the next generation of -ley names up the charts.

Roux – All the appeal of Rue, without the regrettable meaning.

Siena – A stable presence in the popularity “sweet spot”, having ranked in the #600s since 2006.

Simon – Smart, sensitive classic newly in the spotlight thanks to Bridgerton.

Solomon – Peaceful Old Testament name with cool nickname potential.

Sunny – Cheery nature-inspired nickname sure to put a smile on your face.

Sylvie – Sweet, sophisticated choice with cottagecore charm.

Tilda – This sassy short form feels strong enough to stand alone.

Truett – Modern virtue True + cool ending -ett = a rising star in the making.

Uriel – Understated archangel name hot on Nameberry this year.

Valentine – Already trending as a unisex middle, its meaning of “strength, health” lends it even more appeal in 2021.

Vega – Celestial name to rival Luna and Nova, already a Top 20 choice in Spain.

Vivaan – This vibrant Hindi name is attracting a lot of attention on Nameberry!

Wednesday – Rupert Grint’s new daughter has put this super-quirky option in the spotlight.

Wilde – Fresher than Wilder, but equally literary.

Willa – Set for stardom now that Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas have used it for their daughter.

Wolf – A wild nature name less heard than Fox or Bear.

Xiomara – Strong and striking with a meaning and initial to match.

Zaccai – The coolest route to Zac in 2021.

Zelie – A sweet and zippy saint’s name in the French Top 100.

Zephaniah – Bold Biblical boy name poised to follow in Zachariah’s footsteps.

And don’t forget to share YOUR suggestions for #100 here!

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