10 Great Super Bowl Names

10 Great Super Bowl Names

By Todd Tarpley

Super Bowl LI (Super Bowl 51 for non-Romans) is here, and for those planning to have a baby–or just name one–during (or soon after) the game, we have the top 10 baby names for you.

First, a trivia tidbit: this is the first Super Bowl in history in which both starting QBs have first and last names worthy of naming rights. Okay, let’s get to the highlights:


As in Brady, New England Patriots QB. Tom, diminutive of Thomas, means “twin.” It ranked consistently among the Top 10 throughout the 1960s, but has now fallen to a still-respectable #51.


As in Tom. Brady means “large-chested,” which makes more sense in the Super Bowl context than “twin.” So there is that. Irish in origin, it’s had its highest ranking in the past two decades, now slightly down at #198.


As in Ryan, Atlanta Falcons QB. Short form of Matthew, it means “gift of God.” Falcons fans would agree. It’s the second-most popular name on our Super Bowl baby name list, at #13.


As in Matt. One of the most popular Irish names in America for decades, it still clocks in at a very respectable #39. It means “little king.” There’s a lot of Irish machismo happening between these two QBs’ names.


As in Jones, Falcons star wide receiver. It’s a livelier Spanish version of Julius, which means “youthful, downy bearded.” Julio Jones is youthful but not downy bearded, although we’re not entirely sure what that means. Julio the name, meanwhile, ranks a relatively unimpressive #456.


No, not Leif Garrett. LeGarrette, as in Patriots running back LeGarrette Blount, the second undrafted running back in NFL history to accumulate 1,000 rushing yards in his rookie year. And the first person in history, apparently, to be named LeGarrette.


As in Falcons’ head coach Dan Quinn. We prefer his more exotic surname to the plain-vanilla first name. Quinn is actually now more popular as a girl’s name (#97) than boy’s (#354).


Speaking of girl’s names, the Brazilian supermodel and wife of QB Tom Brady is responsible for the popularity (#1,813) of this French variation of Giselle. Popularity is obviously a relative term.

Stefani is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, birth name of Super Bowl LI’s halftime talent Lady Gaga. It’s a variant spelling of Stephanie, which means “garland or crown” and clocks in at #208.


Last but not least…Bill is Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. It’s the most common diminutive of William, which ranks an impressive #5. However, most Bills today are dads or grandpas, with Will being the more popular form for today’s babies. It’s better than Belichick, but we needed a tenth name, so Bill makes the roster. (But seriously, go with Will.)

Good luck, players, fans, moms and dads-to-be, and may the best name win.

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