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Tansy Origin and Meaning

The name Tansy is girl's name of Greek origin meaning "immortality".
Tansy is a flower name rarer than Rose, livelier than Lily and a lot less teasable than Pansy.

Tansy is a perennial herbaceous plant of the aster family that has clusters of small bright yellow blossoms. It was cultivated by the ancients for medicinal purposes, and has found a variety of other uses over the ages, associated with health and immortality.

There have been a couple of eponymous novels titled Tansy, and it was the name of a character on Hart of Dixie,

Tansy Popularity

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Famous People Named Tansy

  • Tansy DaviesEnglish composer and conductor
  • Tansy Rayner RobertsAustralian novelist
  • Tansy Aspinalldaughter of John Aspinall, referred to as "daughter of the jungle"
  • Tansy AlexanderAmerican voice actor

Tansy in Pop Culture

  • Tansy Firlecharacter in "Tansy" by Tickner Edwardes
  • Tansy Truittcharacter on TV's "Hart of Dixie"
  • Tansy Saylor/Taylora main character in "Conjure Wife" by Fritz Leiber and film "Night of the Eagle"
  • Tansyhedgehog character (later the Abbess) in the Redwall series by Brian Jacques
  • Tansycharacter mentioned by Hoster Tully on his deathbed in George R. R. Martin's "Game of Thrones" series ("A Storm of Swords")
  • Tansy Malonemain character in "Tansy" by Maureen Peters