Scandinavian form of Hebrew Ronia
"God's joyful song"

Ronja Origin and Meaning

The name Ronja is girl's name of Hebrew, German, Scandinavian origin meaning "God's joyful song".
This name of a character from an Astrid Lindgren children's book, pronounced RON-ya,is a Top 100 name in Germany and Scandinavia and is related to the Hebrew name RONIA or RONIYA. RONYA is another form that in Russia may be used as a short form of VERONICA and ROXANA.

Ronja Popularity

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Famous People Named Ronja

  • Ronja FurrerSwiss model
  • Ronja HilbigGerman pop singer of group Queensberry
  • Ronja AronssonSwedish footballer
  • Ronja Mannov OlesenDanish actress
  • Ronja SavolainenFinnish ice hockey player

Ronja in Pop Culture

  • "Ronja Rövardotter" aka "Roniathe Robber's Daughter," children's fantasy book by Astrid Lindgren and its main character
  • Ronja Zipsecharacter in Sophia Elaine Hanson's Vinyl Trilogy