Emre Origin and Meaning

The name Emre is boy's name of Turkish origin meaning "friend".
This Turkish name meaning "friend" should be very useable outside Turkey, given that it is pronounced just as it is spelled. Famous men named Emre include Emre Can, a chess grandmaster, and Emre Sahin, the director.

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Famous People Named Emre

  • Member of British electronica/synthpop trio Years and Years.
  • Emre Altuğ (born 1970)Turkish musician
  • Emre Aracı (born 1968)Turkish music historian, conductor, composer
  • Emre Aydın (born 1981)Turkish rock singer
  • Emre Aşık (born 1973)Turkish footballer
  • Emre Zafer Barnes (born 1988)Jamaican,Turkish sprinter
  • Emre Bayav (born 1987)Turkish basketball player
  • Emre Belözoğlu (born 1980)Turkish footballer
  • Emre Can (born 1994)German,Turkish footballer
  • Emre Can (chess player) (born 1990)Turkish Grandmaster chess player
  • Emre Çolak (born 1991)Turkish footballer
  • Emre Elivar (born 1976)Turkish concert pianist
  • Emre Gönensay (born 1937)Turkish politician
  • Emre Güngör (born 1984)Turkish footballer
  • Emre Güral (born 1989)Turkish footballer
  • Emre Gürbüz (born 1991)Turkish footballer
  • Emre İşçiler (born 1989)Turkish footballer
  • Emre KartariTurkish jazz percussionist
  • Emre Korkmaz (born 1986)Turkish actor
  • Emre Kızılkaya (born 1982)Turkish journalist
  • Emre Miyasoğlu (born 1981)Turkish writer
  • Emre Nefiz (born 1994)Turkish footballer
  • Emre Ozdemir (born 1981)Turkish editorial cartoonist and illustrator
  • Emre Özkan (born 1988)Turkish footballer
  • Emre Öztürk (footballer) (born 1986)German footballer
  • Emre Sabuncuoğlu (born 1976)Turkish classical guitarist
  • Emre SahinTurkish director
  • Emre Şimşek (born 1987)Turkish alpine skier
  • Emre Taner (born 1942)Turkish civil servant
  • Emre Torun (born 1993)Turkish footballer
  • Emre Ünver (born 1981)Dutch politician
  • Emre Yüksektepe (born 1991)Turkish footballer