Spelling variation of Bryony
"to sprout"

Briony Origin and Meaning

The name Briony is girl's name of Latin origin meaning "to sprout".
Briony may be the variation and Bryony the original, but many parents will see this as the more authentic-feeling version of this attractive botanical name. Still unusual in the U.S., Briony is in the British Top 100 and may appeal to parents as a fresh spin on Briana or Brittany or an honorific for a Brian, though it bears no relationship to the male name.

Briony Tallis is the young girl who sets the plot in motion in Ian McEwan's novel Atonement--played on screen by Saoirse Ronan, for which she received a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination.

Briony is a variant spelling of Bryony, coming from the Greek meaning 'to grow luxuriantly'. Bryony/Briony is an unusually strong plant name --the bryony being a wild climbing vine with green flowers

Pronunciation is like Brian with an ee at the end.

Briony Popularity

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Famous People Named Briony

  • Briony BehetsAustralian actress
  • Briony ColeAustralian Olympic diver
  • Briony McRobertsEnglish actress
  • Briony StewartAustralian novelist and illustrator
  • Briony WilliamsAustralian actress

Briony in Pop Culture

  • Briony Tallischaracter in Ian McEwan's "Atonement"
  • Briony Campbellcharacter on British soap "EastEnders"
  • Briony Eddoncharacter in Tad William's "Shadowmarch"