"the only one"

Aino Origin and Meaning

The name Aino is girl's name meaning "the only one".
What a lovely name for the much-longed for daughter - no wonder Aino is in the Top 5 in Finland, whence the name originates. Like other popular Finnish names, Aino is short and avoids the ubiquitous "a" ending we usually see in feminine names, which gives it a fresh feel and sound.

The name Aino was created by Finnish author Elias Lönnrot who compiled the epic poem Kalevala. In the work, Aino was the only daughter of ambitious parents who chooses death rather than complying with her father's wish that she marry a powerful but old God. The name was immediately popular with the Finnish nationalist community and has recently enjoyed a resurgence of popularity.

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Famous People Named Aino

  • Aino KishiJapanese model and actress
  • Aino Sibelius (née Järnefelt)wife of Finnish composer Jean Sibelius
  • Aino Maria MarsioAalto, Finnish architect
  • Aino AcktéFinnish soprano
  • AinoKaisa Saarinen, Finnish skier
  • Aino Krohn KallasFinnish,Estonian author
  • Aino Marjatta HenssenGerman lichenologist and systematist