EE-no; EYE-no
Greek; Japanese

Ino Origin and Meaning

The name Ino is a girl's name of Greek, Japanese origin.

Ino was one of the Queens of Thebes who, after her death, became an immortal. Ino raised her nephew, Dionysus (son of Semele and Zeus), provoking the wrath of Hera. In desperation Ino threw herself into the sea and was thereafter venerated as Leucothea (The White Goddess).

In Japanese, Ino means wild boar. Ino is most familiar in a Japanese context from Ino Yamanaka, a character in the Naruto anime.

Despite being short and sweet, and bearing the fashionable "O" ending, Ino is one of the rarer Greek mythology names.

Ino Popularity

Famous People Named Ino

  • INOGreek street artist

Ino in Pop Culture

  • Inomortal queen of Thebes who was worshipped as Leucothea, the "white goddess."
  • Ino Yamanakacharacter in anime "Naruto"