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Gender: M Meaning of Zachariah: "the Lord has remembered" Origin of Zachariah: Hebrew, form of Zechariah Zachariah's Popularity in 2016: #439

This distinguished name still feels a bit ancient, but with the rise of such former graybeards as Jeremiah and Elijah, it also sounds child-friendly again, as does the Latin-Greek form Zacharias.

Zachariah is a name that was in fairly regular use by the Puritans of the sixteenth century, then was eventually and completely overtaken by the more modern sounding Zachary. But strange as it may seem, Zachariah and Zacharias now seem more au courant than Zachary (even though that name remains in the Top 100).

In the Bible, spelled Zechariah, it is the name of about 30 different personages, one of whom gave his name to the book of Zechariah.

Zarachiah Hobson is a character in the Thackeray novel, The Newcomes.

Zakkai, a Hebrew abbreviation of Zachariah, is another interesting option.

Famous People Named Zachariah

King Zachariah of Israel, son of Jeroboam II (2 Kings 14:29)
Zachariah, grandfather of Judean King Hezekiah (2 Kin. 18:2)
Zachariah Chandler, American politician; cofounder of the Republican Party
Zachariah Allen, American manufacturer
Zachariah Davis "Zack" Wheat, American baseball player
Zachariah "Zach" Montgomery, American publisher and orator
Cyrus Zachariah, son of actress Cybill Shepherd; twin of Molly Ariel
Zachariah Wood, brother of actor Elijah Wood

Pop Culture References for the name Zachariah

Zachariah, seraph on TV's "Supernatural"
Zachariah, character from the Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by Avi
Brother Zachariah, character in the The Mortal Instruments series and the Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare