"people of victory"

Nicola Origin and Meaning

The name Nicola is a girl's name of Italian, Greek origin meaning "people of victory".

Nicola, an elegant Latinate feminization of Nicholas, has long been standard issue for English girls but for some reason has never voyaged across the Atlantic, which we consider a pity, especially as Nicole's standing has waned.

In Britain, Nicola first appeared around 1940, started rising in the fifties and by the mid-1970's had reached third place on the popularity list, after which it began to be replaced by Nicole.

Nicola is a masculine name in Italy: one historic bearer Nicola Pisano was a renowned and influential thirteenth century sculptor. Classic Nicola still ranks well within the Top 100 boy names in Italy, although it is trending steadily downwards like its English equivalent.

In his novel The Well Beloved, Thomas Hardy spelled it Nichola. Nicoletta or Nicolette, which was the name of an enchanting princess in the medieval French romance Aucassin et Nicolette, is a more feminissima version.

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Nicola Popularity

Famous People Named Nicola

  • Nicola Ferguson SturgeonFirst Minister of Scotland
  • Nicola Maria RobertsEnglish singer of Girls Aloud
  • Nicola Anne PeltzAmerican actress
  • Nicola "Nic" HasteEnglish YouTuber of Pixiwoo
  • Nicola AdamsBritish Olympic boxer
  • Nicola Paynesister of English singer Liam Payne of One Direction
  • Nicola Vicars "Nikki" CoghillAustralian actress
  • Nicola Mary PagettEnglish actress
  • Nicola WheelerEnglish actress
  • Nicola GriffithEnglish fantasy novelist
  • Nicola TappendenEnglish glamour model
  • Nicola Marie BolgerAustralian soccer player
  • Nicola Elizabeth "Nikki" Frost (Holland)photographer, mother of Tom Holland

Nicola in Pop Culture

  • Nicola Westcharacter on Australian TV soap "Neighbours"
  • Nicola Kingcharacter on British soap "Emmerdale"
  • "Nicola and the Viscount" novel by Meg Cabot
  • Nicola Murraycharacter on British TV series "The Thick of It"
  • Nicola Sixcharacter in Martin Amis novel "London Fields"