Gender: Female Origin of Winter: Word name Winter's Popularity in 2018: #390

Winter Origin and Meaning

The name Winter is a girl's name of English origin.

Fresher, brisker and, yes, cooler than Summer or Autumn or Spring, Winter is now a full-fledged female choice, especially since Nicole Richie and Joel Madden used it for daughter Harlow's middle name, and Gretchen Mol picked it as her daughter's first, as did media mogul Sean Parker. Winter continues to be the preferred spelling and has risen in popularity significantly over the past few years.

Although Winter entered the U.S. Top 1000 in 1978, it was been used as a first name as early as the seventeenth century.

Some interesting international words for winter: Aeneva (Cheyenne, Native American), Cole (Chinook, Native American), Hima (Sanskrit), Jara (Hindi), Saradi (Hindi), Vandi (Kashmiri), Zaya (Old Persian) and Zima (Russian, Bulgarian). Here's a more complete look at winter baby names.

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Pop Culture References for the name Winter

Wynter, Wintr, Wintar


Kaitlinrose53 Says:


Love love love this name!

Scorpio Says:


Winter does have a bit of a Gothic feel to it, but (for me, at least) that's hardly a drawback. And Winnie is such a cute nickname!

indiefendi2 Says:


I'm a summer baby so maybe that's why I prefer Summer as a name but Winter is starting to grow on me. It's kind of chic.

Wintery Says:


I am actually looking at changing my name, and I've loved Winter for years but I don't know if it really sounds as cool on an adult. Also there are so many popping up now. But yet I still love it.

jaz.fortune Says:


Thinking this for middle name for baby girl, Ophelia Winter.

eveyalecia Says:


Etymologically, winter is thought to mean "the wet season." Not "rebirth of spring." Also, starting out as a surname doesn't make a name masculine. Otherwise I agree with you about the imagery and beauty of Winter.

autumnreverie Says:


It's Persephone, not Percephone. I'm not sure where you got your information about the meaning, but winter does not mean "rebirth of spring" or "renewal spring."

sirens_sam Says:


I love the name Winter but don't think its usable because our surname ends in

Lola Says:


Winter seems like an older girl's name (12+) but I think that nickname Winnie is perfect for a little girl.
I do know a Wynter (w/ a y) who was born in late March, but it was snowing so her parents named her after the snowy weather!


Stephanie82 Says:


My daughter was born in the summer and I named her Winter anyways, Its a beautiful name for any time of year!

Stephanie82 Says:


My daughter was born in the summer but I still named her Winter. I think the name is beautiful for any season.

wavygirl Says:


Love it! Crisp, clean, cool and gorgeous....
perfect for a ebony-headed

kayla1791 Says:


Love this name

Alicia1 Says:


Gorgeous name! Wish I had a little darling to use this name on!

Wkh Says:


My name is Winter and I was born in April. Everyone asks if I was born in the Winter and when I tell them "no, April" it just seems to spark their interest. Winter was suggested after my uncle suggested Windy for the windy day that it was. All the aunts got going and Winter came up.

Vespertinerose Says:


I think it would be fine. Technically the Winter season (snow fall) extends until June in certain areas. In Norse culture, back in the day, they only acknowledged two seasons: Summer and Winter. Winter went from August until June 1st.

KathrynT Says:


I see your mention of Winter meaning "rebirth of Spring". What do you think of using it a middle name for a Spring baby? Is that weird to name a baby after a season in which it was not born? I have a baby girl coming this Spring.

Thinking of Emmeline Winter after my grandmother. "Emie"

KathrynT Says:


Thoughts on naming a baby born outside of winter, Winter? I'm considering it a middle name for my baby girl coming this spring.

Marlz81 Says:


I'm really diggin this name

jojobabyberry Says:


I love this name!

Alicia1 Says:


I really, really like this name! I would have never thought of it until the last few years. Very pretty! I prefer this spelling too.

mabespark Says:


Unique, fresh, and beautiful. I really like it.

AnonymousPerson Says:


I personally find this much more masculine. It's a boys' name to me.

AprilRobin Says:


I like this name because it's unique and very pretty but I can't but think of the Dolphin Winter whose story the movie Dolphin Tale is based off of so while it is a pretty name I could never use it because then I would feel like I named my child after a dolphin

Vespertinerose Says:


I know that Winter started out as a surname back in the 9th Century and there by technicality is masculine and the reference to Old man Winter doesn't help. BUT the meaning of the name is "rebirth of Spring" or even "renewal Spring" which to me makes the name sound more feminine. Not to mention the connection of the season to Percephone who gives it a another girly feel. I've always heard Winter described much like the weather: Crisp, Clean, Fresh, ethereal, beautiful, evocative, mysterious, reliable or consistent, magical or princess like but harsh, unyielding and sometimes forgiving. Most people I have known who had this name were women and matched the description fairly close. I just think the name is gorgeous! :-)