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Gender: M Origin of Willie: Diminutive of William Willie's Popularity in 2016: #799

There have been many great Willies (Mays, Nelson, Wonka), but a boy with this name could never ever go to England. Most people will also assume it is short for the more traditional William, which might be the best avenue for achieving this nickname.

Famous People Named Willie

Willie Howard Mays Jr., American baseball player
Willie Hugh Nelson, American singer-songwriter
William James "Willie" Dixon, American musician
Willie Jess Robertson, American reality TV personality
Willie Garson, (born William Garson Paszamant), American actor
Willie Lee McCovey, American baseball player
William Anthony "Willie" Colon, American musician
Wilver Dornell "Willie" Stargell, American baseball player
Willie Aames, American actor

Pop Culture References for the name Willie

Willie Graeme of Westerburnflat, character in "The Black Dwarf" by Sir Walter Scott
Willie Hughes, character in "The Portrait of Mr. W. H." by Oscar Wilde
Willie Price, character in "Anna of the Five Towns" by Arnold Bennett
"Wee Willie Winkie", Scottish nursery rhyme

Willy, Willey, Willi