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Gender: M Meaning of Vernon: "place of alders" Origin of Vernon: English

Once aristocratic British surname yet to be revived. Vince Vaughn recently gave his son the same double initials as his own when he named him Vernon Vaughn.

Famous People Named Vernon

Vernon Davis, American football player
Vernon Kay, English TV personality
Vernon Elvis Presley, father of pop icon Elvis Presley
Vernon Duke, American composer and songwriter
Vernon Reid, English-American guitarist of band Living Colour
Vernon L. Smith, winner of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences
Vernon Michael Wells III, American baseball player
Vernon Hansol Choi, Korean-American rapper of K-pop group Seventeen
Vernon Lindsay Vaughn (b. 2013), son of American actor Vince Vaughn

Pop Culture References for the name Vernon

Vernon Dahlart, character in the movie Terms of Endearment
Vernon Boyd, character in MTV show Teen Wolf
Vernon Dursley, character in the Harry Potter series
Vernon Wormer, dean in film "National Lampoon's Animal House"
Vernon Gaines, character on TV sitcom "A Different World"
Vernon Francis "Frank" Gallagher, main character on TV's "Shameless"
Mount Vernon, Virginia, plantation home of 1st U.S. President George Washington

Verne, Lavern, Vern, Vernen, Vernin, Verney, Varnan, Vernal