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Gender: M Origin of Tim: Greek, diminutive of Timothy

Tim is a boyish short form very rarely given on its own.

Famous People Named Tim

Samuel Timothy "Tim" McGraw, American country singer
Tim Allen (born Timothy Alan Dick), American actor and comedian
Miles Gilbert "Tim" Horton, Canadian ice hockey player
Tim "Avicii" Bergling, Swedish DJ
Timothy James "Tim" Curry, English actor and singer
Tim Campbell, Australian actor
Timothy Miles Bindon "Tim" Rice, English lyricist
Timothy Francis "Tim" Robbins, American actor
Timothy Charles "Tim" Buckley III, American singer
Timothy Ernest "Tim" Gullikson, American tennis player
Brian Timothy "Tim" Finn, New Zealand singer
Timothy F. "Tim" LaHaye, American novelist
James Timothy "Tim" Daly, American actor
Yila Timothy "Tim" Kang, American actor
Timothy MacKenzie "Tim" Gunn, American fashion consultant, mentor on "Project Runway"
Timothy Richard "Tim" Tebow, American football player
Timothy Walter "Tim" Burton, American producer and director
Tim Heidecker, American actor and comedian
Tim Duncan, American basketball player
Tim Sheens, Australian rugby league player
Tim Holt, American actor
Tim Roth, British actor
Tim "Timmy" Lincecum, former San Francisco Giants baseball pitcher
Timothy Michael "Tim" Kaine, American attorney and politician
Timothy "Tim" Nigel Peake, British astronaut

Pop Culture References for the name Tim

Tim Shepard, character in S.E. Hinton's "The Outsiders"
Tim Taylor, main character on TV's "Home Improvement," played by Tim Allen
Tim Burre, character from "Sims" series
Dr Tim Whatley, character in TV series "Seinfeld"
Tim Drake aka Red Robin, DC Comics character
Tiny Tim Cratchit, character in "A Christmas Carol"

Timmie, Timmy