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Gender: M Meaning of Tiberius: "of the Tiber" Origin of Tiberius: Latin

The name of an important ancient Roman emperor, Tiberius might sound a bit heavy for a modern boy to carry, but with the rise of Atticus, Tiberius and brothers begin to feel more baby-friendly, much in the same way as Old Testament names like Elijah and Isaiah have been rejuvenated.

The contemporary ear has become attuned to the name via some modern sagas. There were two Tiberiuses in the Harry Potter universe: T. McLaggen, uncle of Cormac, and T. Ogden, a former member of the Wizengamot. Peter O'Toole played Emperor Tiberius Caesar in the 1979 Caligula, and James Tiberius Kirk was Captain of the USS Enterprise on Star Trek.

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Famous People Named Tiberius

Tiberius Claudius Nero, Roman Emperor
Tiberius Aelius Aurelius, son of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius; twin brother Titus Aurelius Antoninus
Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus, Roman plebeian tribune
Tiberius Julius Cotys I, King of the Bosporus
Tiberius Julius Eupator, King of the Bosporus
Tiberius Alexander, counselor to General Titus during the 1st Jewish-Roman War

Pop Culture References for the name Tiberius

James Tiberius "Jim" Kirk, captain in the Star Trek series
Tiberius Kirk, character in the Star Trek series; grandfather of James T. Kirk.
Tiberius "Ty" Blackthorn, character in The Mortal Instruments and Dark Artifices series.
Tiberius, character mentioned in the "Harry Potter" series as the uncle of Cormac McLaggen.
Tiberius, influential city in Israel on the Lake of Galilee.
Tiberius Licinius Crassus, character in the Spartacus series.