Gender: Female Meaning of Theodora: "gift of God" Origin of Theodora: Feminine variation of Theodore Theodora's Popularity in 2019: #859

Theodora Origin and Meaning

The name Theodora is a girl's name meaning "gift of God".

Theodora is one of the most revival-worthy of the charmingly old-fashioned Victorian valentine names, softly evocative but still substantial, as is the reversed-syllable Dorothea. It was borne by several saints and by the beautiful ninth wife of the Emperor Justinian, who became the power behind his throne. A later royal was Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark, the older sister of the present Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Keith Richards named his daughter Theodora (with whom he recently collaborated on a best-selling children's book) in 1985; Robbie Williams did the same just last year. In TV's Grey's Anatomy Dr. Theodora "Teddy" Altman was a surgeon.

Theodora offers a menu of neat nicknames, from the classic Teddy to Thea to Dora. Some cool international variations as well: Theodosia, Feodora and Teodora.

Though off the Social Security list since the early fifties, it currently ranks at Number 313 on Nameberry.

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Rank in US: #859

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Famous People Named Theodora

Pop Culture References for the name Theodora

Thea, Thaddea, Docia, Teodi, Theda, Dosia, Theadora, Theo, Tedra, Tossi, Tedda, Dora, Thadine, Teddi, Feodosia, Tossia,

Theodora's International Variations

Fedora, Feodora, Fedosia, Theodosia (Russian) Teodory, Teodozji (Polish) Teodora (Spanish)


ivy194 Says:


You know, Theodora grew on me. I used to hate it, but now I'm fond of it.

oliviamcdonald Says:


I love Theodora nn Teddy, Thea and Thora. I wonder if it will get popular. About 10 years ago my favourite boys name was Theodore and now look how popular it’s gotten, I now know at least 6 little Theodore’s.

lmwri2 Says:


Beautiful and classic.

kateaz04 Says:


Watching a show on Netflix and one of the character's names is Theodora, but she goes by Theo. I never thought of Theo for a girls name, but I absolutely love this name/nickname combo.

Megan Elizabeth1 Says:


Theodosa avoids the -dora ending.

ceruleanstardust Says:


I love clunky, homely, vintage names and this one ticks all the boxes!

For me, it's a toss-up between: Theodora "Teddy/Thora" and Leonora "Leo/Lennie".

This name is really sweet, with lots of vintage charm.

It also has a whole host of nicknames: Teddy, Ted, Thora, Dots, Dottie, Thor, Theo, Thea, Theda, Dodie, Edie, Ora, Orie, Eda, Ra-Ra, Doe, Dora, Dory, Dore, Dee-Dee and Odie.

Violet_Rose Says:


I love both Henrietta and Theodora, both are on my short list, the possibility of using Hattie as a stand-alone is on the table as well. As Theodora Louise, Henrietta Matilda, or Hattie Matilda

Violet_Rose Says:


I just love the elegant and classic sound of Theodora, I'm not too partial to the nickname "Teddy" just because I feel it wouldn't carry into adulthood, it's more of a child's nickname in my opinion, although it's not the more popular option I preferred Dora/Dori, I feel like regardless of Dora the Explorer, with the recent revival of older classic names I feel a kid could pull it off just as easily as "Teddy"

Daiseymae Says:


I have a cousin named Theda, and it is pronounced the say way.

Rebecca Maracle Says:


It's my daughter's name, and we call her Theda ("THEE-dah") after my husband's grandmother.

Miriam2468 Says:


I honestly don't like this name. It sounds sorta rusty. But that's just my opinion. I prefer Dorothea.

kelken17 Says:


I just met someone named Theodora who does by Dory. Really cute and used before she needed to be found. ;)

SCB Says:


This name as Theodora Lilly sounds amazing.

Daiseymae Says:


I had a cousin named Theodora who was named after her brother Theodore who died at the age of 8. She went by Theodore though. It is very pretty.

ValentinaV.S. Says:


Probably my favourite name ever! It's unusual and beautiful, with many different nicknames to fit any kind of personality. I think I know about two or three Theodoras.

paulapuddephatt Says:


I love this name so much. I love Theodore/Theo, also. I originally started loving Thea, and then I realised how beautiful Theodora was, with Thea for short. I am hearing the names so much now that I feel sure that they will hit the top 1000 soon, and it's positive, and yet sad, in a way. I kind of enjoy loving names that are not so popular.

headintheclouds Says:


I really like Theodora, but Dorothea is one of my favorite names. Dorothea's has a gentler, more serene vibe than Theodora; it's less spunky but exudes a quiet stalwart strength that I really appreciate. Plus Dorothea sounds more streamlined and less clunky to me, I'm drawn to a lot of D- initial names, and I love the nickname Thea which is a lot more intuitive and ready-made with Dorothea. I also prefer Teddy on a boy, but I can see Teddy possibly becoming the next Sam/Alex popular gender-ambiguous nickname.

Essa Says:


Totally agreed! Theodora is somehow strong and feminine all at the same time. I adore Thora as a nickname and also like Thea, Dora and Teddy (although i do prefer that on a boy). Dorothea is also beautiful, I have a tough time choosing between them.

headintheclouds Says:


Long, lush and strong-sounding, with a ton of nicknames to choose from (from the tomboy Theo/Teddy route, to sweet Dora, or classy Thea/Thora, etc). It's flowery and Victorian-vintage sounding, yet I think it works well in modern day; it feels more classic like Victoria than say, Henrietta, Thomasina, Wilhelmina which are lovely, but retain more of that old-fashioned feel. And Theodora's not popular at all- definitely an underrated gem. Its inverted name twin of sorts, Dorothea, is also a lovely option.

Madisoniaa Says:


Teddy and Thea are cute nicknames

ameliejane123 Says:


This is my daughter's name. We mostly just stick with Theodora, but we do call her Miss Ted pretty often. She's a riot!

ameliejane123 Says:


I wish this was my name!

ameliejane123 Says:


I ADORE that sib-set!

cabosanmucus Says:


I love the idea of Theodora nicknamed Thora. ;)

RoddyThlayli Says:


This is one of my favorite -dora names. I also like it way better than Theodore.

Yessica Says:


But it still is growing on me D: oh god

EW314 Says:


Stunning name! If it were up to my DH, this would be the name of our next daughter. I love it too, but prefer a shorter first name. Theodora does have a ton of gorgeous nickname options though, from cute Teddy and Dot to tomboyish Theo and Doro to sophisticated Thea and Dora. I love the "chameleon" nature of this name - the right nickname can make it fit literally anyone!

Dorothea is a beautiful name too, but it feels softer and more inescapably girly than Theodora. Theodora has a bit more backbone!

htw Says:


My cousin has a little girl named Theodora and they call her Teddy. I love it and there are so many nicknames it can fit any personality.

Thea, Theo, Teddy, Dora, Ted even!

MaryKathryn Says:


This name is slowly growing on me. I love how elegant it is. I like the nickname "Thea".

Louisa Says:


If I ever have twin girls I'd love to name them Theodora and Henrietta. Too pompous? A little, maybe. But they could be Thea and Hattie on a day to day basis.

ashbee Says:


I prefer Theodora. You have Thea *and* Teddy as nicknames. :)

JessicaRK467 Says:


Agreed. I love this name too!

DaisyMaisie Says:


sorry, i don't like this...

CupcakeGirl13 Says:


Dorothea or Theodora? Suggestions? (Both are cute)

Catastroffy Says:


I appreciate this name's power and grace, but it is seems too heavy for me to really be fond of it. I prefer Dorathea.

amberdaydream Says:


I like this a lot. I think I would use it as a middle name, like Grace Theodora or something.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


Best name ever and not even in the top 1000!

kitchi1 Says:


I really like this name. It has that exotic -dora ending like Isadora and Pandora do. I LOVE the nickname Teddy, too. Perfect. I wouldn't mind my name being Theodora!

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I enjoy this name a lot. It's so pretty and one of my very favorites names.

Guest Says:


when I first heard it a couple years ago on Keith Richards's grown daughter I thought "ick that's clunky" but I'm really starting to like it now. It's strong.

Giinkies Says:


I really like Theodora nn Teddy (or Teddi to feminize it).

jtay07 Says:


Not a fan. Too clunky for my tastes.

Guest Says:


I love this name too. It's one of my favorites because I like it as the female form of Theodore. It also has the nicknames Teddy and Dora. If I was allowed to change my name, it would be to Theodora. Middle name Phoenix as you can tell by my middle name.
It's just beautiful!

kittykate928 Says:


I was very close to being named Theodora, but I was named after my aunt instead. It's a very beautiful name.

LadyVanRaven Says:


Love it for it's strong connection with Empress Theodora (wife of Justinian I, the Byzantine Emperor).