"from Thessaly"

Tesla Origin and Meaning

The name Tesla is a girl's name of Slavic, Serbian, Croatian origin meaning "from Thessaly".
Tesla, the surname of Serbian inventor Nikola Tesla that has more recently been used as the brand name for an electric car, is gaining some use as a first name for girls. Exactly 100 girls were named Tesla in the U.S. last year. You might think of the name as a Tessa/Isla hybrid, though with Tesla the s is not silent. There was also a rock band named Tesla.

Tesla Popularity

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Famous People Named Tesla

  • Edison Tesla MarshallAmerican male novelist
  • Nikola TeslaCroatian,Serbian inventor, best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system

Tesla in Pop Culture

  • Tesla Strongcharacter in DC's Tom Strong comics
  • Tesla Lindocruzmale character in anime and manga series Bleach
  • Tesla Motorsluxury electric car brand
  • Teslastun gun,like weapon used on TV's "Warehouse 13"
  • TeslaAmerican rock band

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