Greek; Hebrew; Persian
"mountain dweller; fruit; fairy"

Peri Origin and Meaning

The name Peri is a girl's name of Hebrew, Greek, Persian origin meaning "mountain dweller; fruit; fairy".

This name used for both sexes in several cultures is quite well used in Israel.

Peri Popularity

Famous People Named Peri

  • Peri Kay GilpinAmerican actress
  • Peri DrysdaleNew Zealand fashion entrepreneur
  • Peri TarrAmerican computer scientist

Peri in Pop Culture

  • Periwinkle "Peri" twin sister of Tinkerbell in Disney film Secret of the Wings
  • Peri Browna character on TV's Doctor Who
  • Perinickname for Peridot in TV's Steven Universe
  • La Peria ballet by Dukas
  • Peri Lomaxcharacter from British soap Hollyoaks
  • Peri Westmorecharacter on TV's Devious Maids
  • Peri Serpentinedaughter of the Hydra in "Monster High" series, twin sister of Pearl Serpentine)
  • Perifallen angels under the sovereignty of Iblis. In Persian legend they are beautiful but malevolent spirits, also fairy,like beings begotten by fallen angels and excluded from Paradise until penance is accomplished
  • Perifound in many other Persian girls' names (e.g. Pareerou, Parisa, Perihan)
  • PeriGreek word meaning "surrounding" (cf. Pericles, perinatal, periphery...)
  • Pericharacter from the video game "Fire Emblem Fates"