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Gender: F Meaning of Tansy: "immortality" Origin of Tansy: Greek

Tansy is a flower name rarer than Rose, livelier than Lily and a lot less teasable than Pansy.

Tansy is a perennial herbaceous plant of the aster family that has clusters of small bright yellow blossoms. It was cultivated by the ancients for medicinal purposes, and has found a variety of other uses over the ages, associated with health and immortality.

There have been a couple of eponymous novels titled Tansy, and it was the name of a character on Hart of Dixie,

Famous People Named Tansy

Tansy Davies, conducter and musician
Tansy Aspinall, daughter of John Aspinall, referred to as "daughter of the jungle"

Pop Culture References for the name Tansy

Tansy Truitt, character in "Hart of Dixie"
Tansy, character mentioned by Hoster Tully on his deathbed in George R. R. Martin's "A Storm of Swords"
From "Tansy" by Maureen Peters: "It was an impossible name! He wished he knew how old Father Conran had been persuaded into allowing such a heathenish title to be bestowed upon a Christian child." (The mother is said to have carried tansy flowers on her wedding day.)

Tanzey, Tanzy, Tanzie, Tansie, Tansi, Tanzi