Gender: Female Origin of Summer: Word name Summer's Popularity in 2019: #177

Summer Origin and Meaning

The name Summer is a girl's name .

The temperature is definitely rising for this popular seasonal name, which began being used in the seventies, and has been heard consistently ever since.

Summers have popped up all over the big and small screens: it was Zooey Deschanel's character in (500) Days of Summer and made featured appearances in Napoleon Dynamite, Baywatch, The O.C., and The Mentalist.

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Rustyspottedcat Says:


I've never liked this name, and I don't know why. I like Autumn and Winter, and even Spring (as a middle name), but not Summer.

Maryyy Says:


I love Summer paired with the middle name Dawn

SydneyIsGroot Says:


Hadn't thought about this name in a while. It was always my choice for if I wanted to change my name. Would probably use it in the future.

TechnoKitten Says:


not bad,but if I had a child I wouldn't name her after my favorite season

Carla jemma Says:


I like the name summer & keep it in case I have a baby girl in the summer it’s a nice name & is beautiful I was looking for rain as a middle name & saw on the list Christina Aguilera summer rain & liked it straight away so keeping it without the rain

MargotBear Says:


Such a beautiful name!!!

Summerlynn Says:


I guess I probably fit the whole "stereotypical" thing about the name, since I'm blonde haired, blue eyed, though I burn in the sun and have a ton of freckles.

I do not miss in elementary school where I was called Summer Bummer or Summer Plumber at all. Or being asked if I was born in the summer (and for the record, I wasn't). And my friends used to joke at the end of the year "Have a nice summer, Summer."

iipostmvh Says:


Thanks for bringing some rationale to this discussion. I know one Summer, she was African -American and had a beautiful head of very dark curly hair. I am also African American and would not hesitate to use that name. I'm pretty sure her siblings would consider using it too, as a honor name, she passsed away several years ago.

Eu Says:


This is a bizarre statement. I really don't think there is one kind of girl who "looks like a summer girl." Are only blondes summery? What about a darker girl who tans easily? Or anyone at all?

Summer Rain Says:


Christina Aguilara stole my name but I still love it... My entire name is actually nature themed (including my last I mean), I did get picked on a lot in school but I like it. That may be because I'm a pretty big nature lover myself... Plus I feel pretty connected with Summer in Rick and Morty which is my fav show....

SumiSum Says:


I'm called summer and I have brownish-goldish hair and green eyes. I have probably heard every joke in the book about my name (theres even someone who only calls me winter) but they're no mean jokes, I usually laugh too. Anyone I met compliments my name and I've only ever met 1 summer before, My nicknames are SumSum, Sum, sumie (oo sound), summie (uh sound)

Rainbow glitter Says:


I can't really say if i like it or not. On the pro side of things 'summer' is very pretty and sunny name. It makes me think of a girl who likes adventure and it's also so cute. On the con side,however Summer is a very common name ( i know about 20 Summers) It's not very mysterious and exotic. It's also spoiled for me by a very bratty girl called Summer, she's 13 and the brattiest child i know. So a shame, such a nice name and yet so ugly. You know what i mean?

Summer M Says:


This is my name and I love it and everyone who hears my name loves it. Im 37 years old and Ive met a few Summers around my age and a couple Summers that are little girls :) I feel the name would fit any type girl.

funnymonkey Says:


Awesome name! I hope to name it to my first daughter!

paulapuddephatt Says:


Pretty, was overused at one stage, but still lovely

Thepandaprincess223 Says:


I love Summer! It's pretty and any girl can wear it, in fact I know a Summer who is brunette not blonde at all. If I was to have a little girl Summer would be a serious contender for a name, middle name Therese in honour of my mum.

Thepandaprincess223 Says:


This is my favourite season name

shelbynh Says:


I love this name and I think many types of girls can wear it well. It's recognizable, but you don't hear it all the time.

ashbee Says:


Zooey Deschanel in 500 Days of Summer made me like this name. She has dark brown hair and blue eyes.

ridersienna Says:


The name Summer immediately makes me think of someone who loves life, and is the happiest person around. To me it's just incredibly elegant and feminine, and I would use it in a heartbeat if I had a daughter born in the Summer! :)

ThistleThorn Says:


This actually sounds like a name, unlike other season/day/month names. It can be cutesy girly or spunky tomboy.

Jane_Lewis Says:


Awsomne name but a bit too common if you ask me

Catastroffy Says:


I imagine a Summer with dark hair, or chestnut hair. Blonde hair could work at a pinch, but I immediately picture a dark-haired girl with golden-hazel eyes.

_NorthStar_ Says:


Nice name. ❤

summerrae Says:


Be prepared for the insane amount of Summer jokes: "What's your favorite season?" "I bet you hate winter!" "What time of year were you born?" and many, many more

summerrae Says:


True, I can't really see a dark haired girl being a Summer. I'm a blonde, but I have dark eyes. I've never been picked on for this too much, even when my hair was brown for a short period of time.

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


This would be alright if the child LOOKS like a summer girl, as in light hair and eyes. But what if she doesn't look like a summer or hates summer

lauren forstner Says:


My daughter's name is Summer Ashlyn. I love it and think that it is so beautiful and feminine. We wanted a name that was not strange but not common either.

ldougie Says:


A beautiful common but not too common choice. I love it.