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Gender: M Meaning of Stanley: "near the stony clearing" Origin of Stanley: English Stanley's Popularity in 2016: #682

Although Stanley Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire personified brute force, most Stanleys have been portrayed as meek milquetoasts. It could be a Sydney-like girls' choice.-Bette Davis once played a character named Stanley, and it was the name of President Obama's mother (named for her father)--or possibly could be revived down the line a la Walter and Arthur.

Stanley came to popularity initially via the explorer Sir Henry Morton Stanley, who made historic contact with Dr. Livingston ('I presume?') in Africa in 1871. Noted US namesakes include movie directors Stanley Kramer and Stanley Kubrick and actor Stanley Tucci.

Stanley had a long run in the Top 100--from 1890 to 1959, but is no longer even in the Top 500.

Famous People Named Stanley

Stanley Kubrick, American film director
Stanley Tucci, American actor
Arthur Stanley Jefferson, birth name of Stan Laurel, English comedian of duo Laurel and Hardy
Stanley Frank "Stan" Musial, American baseball player
Stanley Melbourne Bruce, 8th Prime Minister of Australia
Stanley Baldwin, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Stanley Augustus Holloway, English actor
Stanley Martin Lieber, birth name of comic book creator Stan Lee
Stanley "Stan" Getz, American jazz saxophonist
Stanley Milgram, American social psychologist
Stanley Weber, French actor
Stanley Owen Green aka Protein Man, English human billboard
Stanley Cohen, American biochemist; winner of the Nobel Prize
Stanley Benjamin Prusiner, American neurologist; winner of the Nobel Prize
Stanley Roger "Stan" Smith, American tennis player
Stanley Newcomb "Stan" Kenton, American jazz pianist
Stanley Allison "Stan" Rogers, Canadian singer-songwriter
Stanley William "Stan" Tracey, English jazz pianist
Stanley Bernard "Stan" Galazin, American NFL football player
Stanley Gavin (b. 2011), son of singer Dido and Rohan Gavin
Michael Stanley Dukakis, American politician; 65th and 67th Governor of Massachusetts

Pop Culture References for the name Stanley

Stanley Kowalski, character in "A Streetcar Named Desire"
Stanley Griff, main character in children's books and animated TV series "Stanley"
Stanley Hudson, character on TV's "The Office"
Stanley "Stan" Torres, baby on TV's "Cougar Town"
Stanley Yelnats, main character in Louis Sachar's "Holes"
Stanley "Stan" Marsh, character in animated series "South Park"
"Flat Stanley," children's book by Jeff Brown
Stanley "Stan" Shunpike, character in the "Harry Potter" series
The Stanley Parable, video game
The Stanley Cup, championship trophy of The National Hockey League
Stanley Pines, character in the animated series "Gravity Falls"
Stanley Uris, character in Stephen King's "It"

Stan, Stanly